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Here’s a project I did last month. (Seems like a long time ago… ) anyway, it’s a felt flower headband for our friend’s beautiful baby girl’s 1St month birthday party.

I made 2 for Little Esui,

The first one for her to wear when she’s all dolled up for the evening with her Mummy and Daddy. An elegant, classy number. This hot pink and magenta piece is meant to bring out the girl in Little Esui, and the single pearl detail in the center tells of how precious she is to her Parents. When worn, it has “Look at me” all over it!

I name this piece, “Pretty”

The second piece was made for a casual day out, where Baby Esui decides to dress down and go casual yet wants to add a simple accessory to spice things up and add abit of life and fun into her look.


The flower has a single turquoise button to add a pinch of playfulness into the laid back and dainty pink polka dot band.

I name this piece, “Cheeky”.

Here’s how it looks with the gift pack.


With a personal message and well wishes.

A perfect gift for Baby showers, First Month party as well as Birthday Party throughout all ages!

Get them now!!


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