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Its Day 3 or 4 of our Room Revamping project.

I know I fast forwarded, but can’t be help, I couldn’t find anytime to squeeze in updates. Sorry!

However, I did take snap shots of our daily progress! 🙂

Before I begin my update, let me share with you my excitement on the new furniture that’s coming in soon…


At the current moment, we are done with 2 sides of the wall, as our customize wardrobe by Amare La Casa, is coming in 3 days time!!! Yippee!! Really super excited for it to be installed as well as how it’ll fit into the new colors of the room. Actually I believe there isn’t much to worry abt, since we chose full length mirror for both sliding doors, to maximize the space as well as to make our room look bigger. And With the full length mirrored door we dun ve to worry any fixing up a separate mirror.

Besides being Able to choose the type of door we want, we are also able to choose waterer kind of shelving and hanging system we want. And all this for jus $1500! And it’s a made to measure wardrobe whereby all space are fully utilize for storage. How great is tht? 🙂


Our bed on the other hand will only arrive on the 7th Jan unfortunately. We ordered a Lotus Mattress, with its outer shell made in egyptian cotton (one of the finest cotton ever- as told by ‘Pierce’ from Mattress Atrium). Besides the mattress being one of the highlights of this project, the bed post tht came along with it is also the other thing I am extremely excited to see. Becos we were able to customize the choice of material as well as colour of our bed post. And we made the Base of the bed much higher than the typical type jus so tht we could store large items (i.e. Luggage) into the queen size bed. Simply becos we have no other available floor space in the room, so if we can’t go side ways, we’ll have to go upwards! 🙂

Here’s a picture of the color of cloth and material we chose for our bed post. Yes, not faux leather, suede, or PVC, and no crystals embedded into the paddings. I don’t like any of those. Well I had wanted wood for the bed post tho… But there wasn’t any… And Jono doesn’t like wood frames, so we chose this material. Hopefully it turns out alrite. We wanted something cosy, simple yet classy I suppose.


It’s the one that looks gold.

Did mention that I am so so excited and I really can’t wait for the bed to arrive?!
Oh and we even bot 3 sets of bed linen for it! But that’s another post for another day!

Oh yes! I’m suppose to update about the progress of the room so far. Here it is….

Prepping the wall for base coat and paint to go on.


– plastering the cracks and holes in the wall.


– done with plastering, begin layering the base coat to cover up the plaster as well as cover up the old paint work. Yay! Off with the old and ugly color, IN with the new and classy color.


– done with the 2nd layer of base coat, and on goes the main color, in this case its “morning dew”. Its hard to judge from this pic, cos if you look at it in person it has a tinch of green in the cream. Btw the palette we chose for our room were selected from the Jotun paint range, eventho Nippon base is used and mixed in to create a Nippon Paint with Jotun color. Reason being: we were unable to find any nice colors from the Nippon range. So the uncle was very kind to do a special mix for us, and also becos I was sulking like crazy, since I didn’ mind using Jotun instead of Nippon.


– plastered and painting base coat to the ceiling.

Alrite! So thats the update for now… Stay tuned to find out wat color our feature wall is gng to be!!! 🙂


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My Princess Lasertron’s felt flower bouquet kit jus arrived today!! I’m super hyped!

Honestly this is way cool! Kit is filled with extremely cool and unique buttons. And the cut-out felt flowers are of very nice colours and design. Not only is the kit so beautiful on it’s own.. There’s also a step by step guide to making ur perfect bouquet…Then the best part about it is, there’s even a hand written note by The Princess herself!! How cool is tht??

I’m awestruck!! It’s like having your idol drop by your House and have tea with you!!


Check out all those cool cool buttons she selected for my kit! I love em!! It’s really unique. And what I like about the kit is how personalize it is, cos I got to choose the colours I like, and not only that, I can see all the detailed effort and consideration they put in to put the whole kit together for me. “I’m all smiles!!”

Wow! I can’t wait to get started on my kit man!!! Seriously.. Anyway, prior to this I’ve gotten quite excited while waiting for my kit to arrive and I actually kept myself busy doing a few trials of my own.

Here’s what I’ve been up to and what’s keeping me busy from updating this blog.


Of cos it’s no where near the quality of Princess Lasertron’s. Pardon the colours… I went pretty crazy with the colours!! But it’s a start… 🙂

Fear not… Now that I’ve got my Princess Lasertron’s kit…. I’ll be off to a better start puttting hers together. Yay!! And I’ll jus keep those ones that I’ve done…and see what I can do with them. 🙂 hmmm….

Yay!! Still can’t believe that a part of Princess Lasertron is in da’ house!!

What a way to brighten up my gloomy day!!

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I’m determine to make this engagement as personalise as possible!!!

Guess what…

I manage to squeeze some time in over the weekend to work on the felt flowers and my guest book amidst my super duper busy schedule. Of cos, by doing so.. I kinda neglected the work assignments tht I’m suppose to submit this week for my visual comm class 😦

So here’s what I’ve been up to…. Started with my guests book and then later my felt flower trial version to see if its do-able without any formal explanation or training from the guru.

The Guests’ Book



Another page from the book… Yes! These will be some of the many decorated pages that you will be signing and leaving your mark (well wishes and blessings) on. And for those of you who prefers to sign on a less complicated or flowery page, I have decided to leave a couple of pages empty for you to have your “Moment of Glory” 🙂


Here’s another ‘fun’ inspired page… Pictures were taken out of fun while waiting for our lunch.

20110823-112508.jpg Don’t you just love the colours on this one (oh I wish the desk was better lit, so that the pictures are brighter).

I guess I could have done more…but I tend to be abit lazy at some point..and then I would try to cut down on the steps to create a more awe-worthy piece. Anyhoo…i jus love the cute trinkets of cupcakes, biscuits and ice creams I got from Daiso. They match this theme and colour so well! In fact I was actually planning to use these as add-ons for a handphone cover design….but I just couldn’t resist putting them on this page. hehehe….

Felt Flower – Trial version

20110825-012316.jpgHere’s a ball of ruffled flower….I have no idea what it is call…but this is rather easy to make….and great for my first attempt. 

Then I thought since I tried the easier ones…why not I try re-creating the ones I saw on Princess Lasertron’s website….of cos…she is the guru…and only hers will ever be the good enough and awe-worthy. But no matter what….I was still quite excited to give it a shot and see what my outcome will be.


And so….I cut out two pieces of felt from the template I free handedly drew….and then I used embroidery threads to sew on some decorative stitches…….on and on I sewed….I must add that this is a very tedious and tiring pcs of work…and I kudos Princess Lasertron for making this a business of hers….It is one hack of a hard work!!! I dunno how she do it man!!…because it took me 2 nights to finish sewing just piece of this…and its not complete when its done…cos this is only the base of what is more to come after.

I sewed…..and I sewed…..

first night and then the second night…….





20110825-012349.jpg        PERFECT!!! (to me of cos…the amateur) Just so pretty!! 

Now that I am done with just the bottom -.-“, why not I try re-creating the fillers I saw online. If only I could create those ones…. (I wasn’t very confident and sure if I could do it).






I did it!!! I manage to do something that looks abit like the fillers….tho not exactly like the REAL Princess Lasertron….cos mine has uneven number of petals….I accidentally sewed on 11 petals…I dunno why. So my flower looks rather uneven. And since it was my first attempt, the bottom part of the flower did hold to well, so the button and wire seem rather lose and flimsy…gotta work on making it firmer.

And I was feeling rather confident at that point….thinking since I could do the one above…I could do ANYTHING….muahahahah!  (the doctor evil laugh). Thats when, I eagerly took out my needle and embroidery thread and started sewing and sewing…..




and Yes! I created my very own felt flower with decorated stitches, jus like Princess Lasertrons….. one can only imagine how happy and excited I was!


At that point I wish I could do a short internship with her and learn what ever I can from her and improve on my creativity. Its crazy….yes i know…especially the fact that I am no where near the U.S.  … jus a dream…never fear to dream big…. 🙂

Who made it happen?

Alright…enough of what I have achieve and all….. I shall not fail to mention how loving and patient and helpful Jono has been throughout this who experiment. He has actually given up his throne and offered to clear up his “Personal Space Zone” to allow me to shift my Mini Factory over.


So sweet of him to do so….. because I was seriously getting bad backaches from working on the TV bench by the bed….

We spent the weekend, clearing up the room and packing my factory supplies into boxes so that I could stack them up near the desk and reach for my supplies as and when I need em.


Our Mini Factory (as he calls it)…hahaha….well, I couldn’t have done any of this without him and his full support. It makes me realise how lucky I am that I am about to marry such a sweet and loving guy!

And I love him so much more.

Approximately 2 more months…and I’ll be officially Mrs Yuen! Oh My! Who would have thought I’d be married at 29 and to Mr Yuen. What a lovely surprise to life :).

A New Title.

and A New Last Name.

Plus a New Term for Jono….he will not be my Boyfriend anymore…he will be my Husband!!! hahahahaha……(still coming to terms with it).

And I’m Super Duper Excited to be his Wife!

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