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Guess what!

We couldn’t wait for 24 hrs before peeling out the masking tape!! We were too eager to see the results of our hardworking. 🙂

So after painting on the second coat and filling out all the edges, we stood back, took a good look at our hard work, and decided we could try to peel “JUST ONE” strip of masking tape off…to get a sneak peek of how it’ll look.

One strip came off ….
(remember to peel it off at an angle – read on one of the website that you shd peel it at an angle away from the freshly painted area, probably so that the paint won’t bleed to the unwanted area)

Then we thought, hey it’s pretty alrite and dry why not do the next dry one…

So the next one came off….

And the next…… And the next driest one….

Soon, all the strips came off within less than 2 hrs since we last painted on the second coat. :p couldn’t help being an eager beaver!

So here’s how the stripes look like after the peel.


Like it? Love it!!! It looks FANTABULOUS!!

After hours and hours over a span of 2 weeks. This is how much we’ve done to get our dream room. Not including the hours we spent packing up our junk!

1) Peeling the wall paper off from the ceiling;

2) Painstakingly remove the glue that the wallpaper leaves behind;

3) Piling on the plaster on all the cracks throughout the entire ceiling, also plastering all the gaps and cracks on the walls;

4) Layering coats over coats of base paint to cover up the plastered area, and to cover up the old paint so thatall the paint we later put on will cover nicely- this include all 4 walls and the ceiling;

5) Painting on the first coat of our colored paint, then comes the second coat;

7) Careful yet tediously cover up the corners and edges with the first coat and then second coat of paint.

8) Painting the ceiling (this is the most tiring of all, you can literally work up a sweat while doing only 1/4 of your ceiling, seriously!!!)

9) Measuring and marking the distance between each stripes, pasting the masking tape and making sure that it forms a straight and even line (jono did this, cos he’s better with numbers and is definitely more precise than me);

10) Painting over the marked spaces, one coat, then the second coat.

11) Cover up the edges;

12) Peeling off the tape one at a time and slowly (so that you don’t peel the paint away);

All these does not include, pasting tape on the bottom of the wall, and laying plastics on the floor to prevent spills and maneuvering around bulking furniture jus to get to a section of the wall or ceiling, getting our hands dirty and stained with dirt and paint, breaking a nail and having all my nail art ruined and covered by paint, and even missing 2 back to back episodes of Dog Whisperer.

After all the hard work and effort doing all the above mentioned, We are super exhausted, but really satisfied and elated at how well our hard work has turned out and paid off!

We are so glad that it’s almost over! And we are happy that we did it all!

Will we do it again? Hell ya! But not anytime soon…. Now.. we’re happy to jus laze around and enjoy staring at the wall while we wait for our wArdrobe and bed to arrive! And share the satisfaction and success of our very first DIY Project as a married couple! 🙂

oh! And there’s one more thing… We threw the old curtains away… It wasn’t doing wat it’s meant to do anyway… So we got rid of it. Now we’ll need a new and nicer set of curtains or blinds. Not sure what’s better tho.

Blinds or Long Classy Curtains?

And what color will match our room, now with the colors in mind?? What colored curtains will make the room pop! and ooze a sense of comfort and grandeur?

Royal purple?




Cream? White?




Teal or turquoise???


What do you think?? Any ideas or suggestions?


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