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It’s Day 4!! Meaning it’s Thursday already!! Shucks! So fast… This also means that my holiday is coming to a quick end. And by this time next week I’ll be stuck at meetings and at work. Boo hoo!!

Gotta stop whining about it, cos it’ll spoil my mood! Alrite!!!

A promised I will share with you guys what is the color we used for our “feature” wall. And the color is….(drum roll)
Heather Beige!!!
(Again a nice colour from Jotun paint mixed into Nippons white paint base) it sort of looks grey, tho it’s more like ash brown. Really cool and cosy color. Ok! Enough talk, let me show u what it looks like.

TA DA!!!


Alrite.. I know this doesn’t look much, since it’s a picture of the wall half painted. Not even up with the second coat. Here’s a better pic…


……kiddin…….(macs to ease the tiring work)

I promise this will be better….



Nice color ain’t it!?

We love it!!!

Although, once the wardrobe is fixed in, that part of the wall will be halved, therefore leaving only a small section left to be seen. We are intending to place our bed there, giving focus to that area.

However, becos we love that colour so much and since it will only become a small portion, we have other plans…. at the current moment, I don’t think it’s gng to be a feature wall anymore. Keke. Becos we have decided to use whatever that’s left of the heather beige to paint stripes on the other side of the wall that was beginning to look alittle plain. 🙂 In which case, it appears that the stripe wall will become the feature wall instead.

We looked up a couple of DIY websites to get ideas and techniques on how best to pAint stripes instead of use wall paper.

Here’s a few useful ones….


Would you like to see what we have done so far??



– taping the wall with masking tape to make sure that no paint will bleed thru and make an uneven line.


– and that’s putting on the color u wan over the portion where the color shd show. Be extra careful not to paint out of the masking tape. 🙂

Yay! Here’s how it looks like after the first coat of heather beige paint.


We ran out of paint! Lol.. So jono’s gone to get more, and it leaves me with some time to blog this post.


Great! He’s back with the new can of paint plus dinner!! We’ll finish off the second coat, leave the stripes to dry for 24 hrs then we’ll peel off the tape to see if the stripes are alrite. But I suppose any mistakes will be too late to be repaired!

Will update on the outcome of the stripes!!



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