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Long break from writing and everything else.

Schools out! And I’m having a break from work! Yay!

I was planning to get a couple of things done this holiday, like coming up with a brand name and a website or a blog for my little craft business; like working on improving my designing skills and expanding my creativity. And the progress so far? …… None. Zilch. Zero. Sighz….

Why? Procrastinating? A little. Here’s why….

Because there are quite a couple of other things to be done, and thats cleaning up and revamping the room that Jono and I are living in now. Besides that, I am also busy with scheduling the viewing of  hotels suitable for the traditional wedding in 2013. And these things don’t take one day to complete, especially not with Jono being back on his shift hours.

Its taking alot longer than I expected clearing the room. We have not even started plastering the cracks and holes on the wall let alone painting the walls and having it ready for the new bed and wardrobe to come in.

With regards to the wedding venue, its not like I’m being “kiasu” about booking the venue in advance, but people out there have already begun booking their hotels for March 2013. So if we want to have it at around March or the date we want, then we got to pull a fast one!

At the moment, the room is being reshuffled and everything is in boxes, there is no way I can get any craft done nor do I have the time to sit down and be creative. And its really making me feel like I am wasting my holiday away. Bet you can sense my frustration here. Sighz…and before you know it, its time to go back to work. Work week is like one week away 27th Dec. 😦 So not looking forward to it.





I was actually planning to write this post about the process of cleaning up the room and was going to track the transformation bit by bit. But it turns out that I have sidetracked (complaining).

Alrite! So here goes. Another DIY project.

This is the room before any work is done.

And here’s after a little work is done …only this much after 1 week.
We were peeling the existing wallpaper off the ceiling, so we had to cover the entire room up with plastic so that we won’t get any dust on the bed.
And the work continues….will continue updating on our progress! Keep a lookout!

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