The Aftermath

4 days after officially becoming MR and MRS.

Still getting use to the idea of being a MRS! Lol… Feels as though 10 yrs have been added to the name. I guess when you think of The title “MRS”, you usually associate it with like an older, more mature and wiser lady… But I am none of that, in fact I have regressed to being like a 10 yr old child. :p So it appears like I’m a misfit for this solemn title, And I shudder to think that such a huge responsibility is now on me.

Not saying that I don’t want to be married for tht matter, but can we be married and be a wife but not be labelled Mrs or Mdm??

Well.. it will definitely take some time to get use to the idea, the fact that the status you’ve been carrying ard for almost 30 yrs is no longer applicable and not only have you inherited a new status, for the next phase of your life, you have “adopted” a pair of parents too! 🙂

3 for the price of 1!!! How nice!!

Anyway besides getting use to the already sinking-in status, I am trying to get use to having more free time on my hands again. Like I’ve been so busy juggling work, night class @ nafa and planning and preparing for the engagement party that I haven’t had much time to sit back and relax for the past few months!! And now that its all done, and i have no deadlines to meet, no sewing, no planning n preparing, no craft work that needs to be done, I feel so LOST!!!! It has become a part of me and something that has kept me going and motivated everyday for the past 7 mths! I was literally eating and sleeping craft work, but i have to admit that it was alot of fun!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it and would give anything to do it all over again. Not one day did I feel like giving up.

Which brings me why I’d hope to continue working on my projects, and keep the momentum at full speed to keep me occupied and motivated. To have like ongoing projects and hopefully make a living out of something I love doing.

Question is: Will there be any offers for me to get started on other future DIY craft projects?
– accessories for babies
– bridal accessories
– event planning
– event decos

I hope there is…
And not jus FOC ones but paid projects too. I’m hyped up and ready to go!!
On another note…..
here is what I have to clear up after the mad rush thts been gng on for the past few months. All the craft work and all the accessories i’d used for my deco. Where am I gng to keep them with such little space we have? Gonna need to store them somewhere and somehow….


Btw, I’ve gotten a couple of the engagement shots from my frens who photographed for us on that day. Gonna post them up soon!! Really good ones I must add! 🙂


It’s 30 Oct 2011.

Today’s our big day!

Today’s the day that every girl’s been waiting for.

In approximately 5 hrs… Johnathan and I will officially be husband and wife. Yippee!! So surreal!!!

Sis and simon got two rooms at rendezvous hotel for two nights, for us and for them.

Feeling at the moment: pretty calm and collected. Not feeling nervous or anxious yet. Wonder why? Perhaps I’ve been so caught up with the planning and preparation and have been excited and anticipating this for the entire year that it has become a part of me and like my everyday..

We’ll see…

Off to holland v for brunch and to order halal meal for my Muslim frens. Yummy!!

I’ll keep you guys posted as and when I’ve got the chance to.


Pillbox birdcage veil

What’s a vintage look without a pillbox birdcage veil rite? So I decided to make my own since I can’t seem to find any here at home and if I were to get any online.. It’ll be quite expensive with shipping included.

I was kinda lucky that I came across this shop in Arab St while shopping for buttons at the textile centre.


Found the hat base for $6

And I bot my cloth from people’s park complex in Chinatown. There’s lots of really cheap textiles, got mine for $5 per meter.

Alrite let’s get down to business:

Step1: place ur hat base on top of the cloth and draw an outline ard the hat leaving abt 2 inches of allowance ard the circle. I left About 3 inch beCos I wanted to do folds on the hat, if you dun intend to do so.. Probably 2 inch would suffice beCos u’d need allowance for the dome part of the hat. (sorry no pics beCos I didn’t think of taking it at that time)

Step 2:
Now that you have cut out your cloth, start by placing it on ur hat and fasten pins ard it to keep it in place while you make adjustments.

And beCos I wanted to add folds to my hat as part of the design, I had to use the pins to secure the cloth in the right position. So tht it won’t move or run while I’m sewing it down.


Now that you have secured the cloth and design u like onto ur hat, you an start sewing. BeCos I didn’t have a white thread, I used an off white one.. Which was quite visible.. Big mistake! But doesn’t matter, beCos I sewed the stitches on the inside, so you won’t b able to see it. Once you are done sewing the cloth to the hat, you can start decorating your hat. 🙂

Step4: decorating your hat

I placed my flowers and veil in the position I want them, then I used pins to secure then on to the hat so tht they won’t run or fall off when I sew them on, besides that, it also helps to give you an idea of where you are sewing and prevents mistakes.

This wasn’t really that nice, so I added some ruffles to give it more life and extravagance.

I used pearls instead of buttons, beCos it gives it a more glamourous and classy feel.

I sewed the flowers and ruffles onto the top of the hat so tht u can make sure it’s secured firmly and wouldn’t fall out if the weather gets too humid. If you find tht sewing is too troublesome, you always swop it with a hot glue gun. 🙂

I prefer to place the veil first, followed by the ruffles and last but not least the flowers and then the buttons or in my case pearls and jewel to add a little bit more of glamour.

Step 5:
Once you are done sewing your veil, ruffle then condiments, it’s time to sew or glue on a base to cover up all the ugly stitches. I chose to use a pink one, so tht it’ll match my theme.


Again, using your hat facing down onto your material, trace an outline ard your hat leaving about 2 inch again to be sure it sits well on the inside of the hat, and so that there will be lee way in case the cloth is too small.

Cut thin triangles ard the circumference of the circle. This will help the felt to sit nicely inside the hat without gathers.

Once you are done, you can try to place your pink inner lining into your hat.


Be sure to adjust the lining to make sure it sits nicely and if there is still gathers, u can trim to widen or deepen the triangles so that it’ll fit in nicely. 🙂

Finally, use a colored thread that is similar to your lining to secure the lining to the hat.



You got your very own customized Pillbox birdcage veil!! To complete the look, be sure to curl you hair with a curling tong to create that 1950’s pin up look! 🙂

P.s. Mine was done by my stylist. Hehe… But I’m so planning to get my own tongs once this whole event is over and when I have abit of spare cash. In the meantime, let’s Have fun with recreating that 1950’s glamour!!

Bouquet of flowers

As promised here’s a picture of the completed felt bouquet!


Because I had already made a few felt flower templates of my own, I decided that I’d add them into the ones that I’d sewn from the kit. Turns out to be a rather nice combi if I must say so myself :p

What do you think?

Then I decided to add colored ribbons to the stem so that it will match my theme, to give it The Bubblegummy look! So sweet and bubblegummy, that you’d want to have a bite off the bouquet. 🙂


Oh! And I also added posies, to make the bouquet look fuller.

Now who wants to catch the bridal bouquet?!?!

I suppose this is an acquired taste… I bet most brides in singapore still dream of a more traditional/ conventional kind of wedding, and so they’ll still prefer to hold a real flower bouquet instead of an artificial one. 🙂 on the contrary, I prefer something that can withstand the test of time.

So I guess I chose to be different. But then again which bride wouldn’t?? I’m quite sure many brides out there likes to be creative and that they’ll want their wedding to be unique and unlike others.

I met a couple of ladies who told me that they have so many ideas of how they’d want their wedding to be, but they never got down to executing it. They either felt that it was going to be too time consuming and strenuous, or they feel that it was not gng to be cost efficient at all and so they have to minimize everything, then there r those who feel that they didn’t want to go through with the trouble. However they did it, at least 1 out of 3 of them wished they should have just try executing at least 1 or 2 of their ideas.

I really wish the ladies here would do more for their wedding then leave it as it is. Perhaps not so extravagant but at least a little thought and personalizing… Of cos I’ve seen a couple who did try, and I really kudos them for wanting to be different! And if you have the money, why not splurge on it (wisely and reasonably of cos), because it’s gonna be a “once in a lifetime” thingy. So go ahead and make the best out of it, create something you’ll remember for the rest of your life, live through that whole experience of preparation for as long as you can, because the preparation and hardwork is a process that you’ll enjoy and you’ll experience that sense of satisfaction when all is done and created!

I do admit that I’ve been tired and somedays exhausted… But not one day did I feel I wanted to give it all up. In fact, the more I did, the happier I felt, and the more I didn’t want it to end. 🙂

Crazy?? Maybe.

So.. If you are like me… Broke and do not have a huge trust fund or rich parents to fund your wedding, then go DIY like me. Give it a shot! Be your own wedding planner, manufacture your ideas yourself, Be creative! Trust me you’ll appreciate the experience!

The count down continues…..

Approximately 14 days to go!!

Here’s a glimpse of the shoes that I’ve been dreamin about!


Got em from endlessEndless.com. I’m quite lucky I chance upon this website that carries a variety of shoes from different brands. What I love about it is that it carries shoes that you cannot find in singapore. How great is tht?

Anyhoo… I did find poetic license in departmental stores in singapore, but they ran out of my size. 😦 so I had to get em online.

Got a UK 36.5 which is like the only size left. Which in this case is roughly about a size 6 US. Becos I believe it runs 1/2 a size bigger than wat it measures to be. Tho on the website they did mention that it fits true to size. However I do feel that if u are looking for shoes there, you definitely can trust the advise of their size specialist.

Did I mention how much I got it for?? Really cheap! Including a speedy 3 days delivery all the way from US, by UPS service. I only paid $80 USD which works out to about $100 Sing!!! Great deal isnt it!?


The only gripe I have is… There seems to be a slight difference in the ones they sell on endless and from the original site. You see, the ones I found in the departmental stores had a blue heart sewn to the side of the shoes…
Like this

However, if you look closely at the ones I got from endless, it doesn’t come with the heart… 😦 perhaps that’s why they could sell it for so cheap? Maybe it’s a defected pcs?
I dunno. Nonetheless, I’m still pretty happy that I manage to get my hands on it, and will be wearing em for my engagement! And it’ll match my colour theme, the crinolines I have under my skirt and even my bouquet!!

State of mind: happy and excited!!


I have come to realise that finding a nice pair of shoe for my wedding is a highly challenging task to do. Not only do I have problem finding the height that I want, I have problem finding the right colour as well, and worse of all …it is almost impossible to find a nice pair of shoe that is comfortable enough!!!

I want a pair of pumps that is pink in colour, average heel (slightly lower than 3″), with an average platform on the front, that comes with a comfortable cushioned insole!

Is it so difficult for shoe designers to design a shoe like that….or even fit in cushioned insoles for their poor consumers whose feet are hurting? Sighz….

Off I went to our local department stores and tons of shoe-only boutiques to scout for my perfect pair of shoe, and stole a few snapshots of me wearing the shoes to help to decide if it’ll match my dress.

I am dying to say this…….I can’t help it….so I will say it….

“the Local Shoe Market is extremely Horrendous!!! I mean ….every pair of shoe you see is either from Korea or China, and they are all poorly design, with no thought to it whatsoever. I’m utterly disappointed. Why? Because not a single pair has a decent insole that will support your hurting sole, and they are all ugly. 😦 Worse of em all, Charles and Keith (a local bred company)- Their shoes are simply non-wearable. Purely for show and tell only.”

Alright! enough dissing off these shoe manufacturers…..its making me depress. Back to my shoe hunt!!!

First pair I found at Studio Tangs.


Costs abt $89-$99
Design: Quite alright, love the colour and the ribbon. And the heel, it’s not a stub, and not a stiletto, but a rather thick and sturdy one. Tho colour isn’t quite the match and the one I’m looking for.
Comfort: so-so. It isn’t too stiff, but it doesn’t really have a proper cushion insole as well.

Verdict: Will keep it in mind. Last resort if I ran out of options.

Shoe #2 by Pazzion



Costs: $69-$89
Design: love the colour! Reach dark pink! Love the ribbon. But not the colour of the ribbon as well as the front of the shoes. I’m looking for a rounded front cos it has a more vintage girlie feel to it rather than a pointy front. The height of the heel is alright, but also not the most comfortable pair I’ve tried before.
Verdict: A No-No. Cos it’s not suitable and most probably won’t match my dress.

Shoe #3: Elise from isetan



Cost: approx $89
Design: not very comfortable, heel height jus right for me. But it looks a little old… I mean like I’ll look 10 times my age if I wear these shoes. It’s not exactly pink nor is it not pink, but it’s champagne pink.
Only thing good was the height.

Verdict: definitely no. Jono hates peep toes tht are like tht. And plus I dun wan to look like I’m 40 when I’m not 🙂 best leave to the aunties to get this one.

Shoe #4: from JWest

Cost: can’t remember should be ard the $89-$100
Design: it’s a dull pink. Too dull. Not gng to be a nice pair of shoe for wedding.
Verdict: Of Cos not.

Shoe #5: By Fiore



(this pictures were sneakily taken by Jono 🙂 Becos the sales girl was very persistent in serving us. So he pretended to be playing with his phone while I try on the shoes. Hehehe!)

Design: love the rounded and platformed front, love how it looks so 1950’s with tht big flat bow on the front. I actually thot the white base and champagne pink was quite a good combi tho may not be wat I’m looking for, it’ll definitely go well with my look and dress.
Only gripe: it’s rather high. And I am not a big fan of the design of the heel. It’s rather weird looking and a tad bit too sharp for me. But I was ready to ignore it, since it’s at the back. It shouldnt bother me much.
Verdict: will come back n get it if I can’t find “The One”.

Shoe #6: by Poetic License at Takashimaya




Cost: Approx $129?? I can’t remember.
Design: omg!! Aren’t these the cutest pair of shoes you have ever seen?!?!? I simply love how daring it looks. Love the colours, it’s a combi of my colour theme!! Wow… And I love that it has a platformed front. Tho peep toed it isn’t very wide Open like the rest.
The heel is rather sturdy too. Only prob is, it’s quite high.
Comfort is ok, not the best.
But oh my! The colours!! Its driving me nuts!
Only gripe, hate the flower on the front. I’m intending to undo it and replace it with a DIY bow.
However, let’s not omit the fact that Jono is not a fan of it.
Hehehe…but its really fun n pretty!!

Verdict: I’m so in love with it! But they dont have it in my size anymore!! And only Takashimaya carries this design, like as tho it’s not bad enough, the sales lady told me that poetic license does not have any boutiques here. So there is no way I can get these shoes in my size here. Shucks!!! 😦 She couldn’t hear or see the shatters of my heart when she told me that, but I could.

All hope was lost!! I was devastated! But I’m determine that I could find similar ones if not the exact same pair, perhaps not at the local shops but online….

I shall not give up!!


Been quite some time since I last posted. Let’s see…..I stopped since my Princess Lasertron DIY Kit Package arrived.

I was busy putting the whole bouquet together. And guess what I am done!!! Woo Hoo!!! Feel like celebrating…(will post up pictures of it soon 🙂 cos its stored in my phone ) however…I still have many other things not done yet…i.e.

1) Nine bouttanaires for the boys, groom and fathers

2) 12 Hair Corsages for the ladies, and mothers

3) 90 Guest tags undone

4) Hair accessory for the flower girl

5) Pillbox Birdcage veil for myself.

And we still haven’t decided on our song list!!! Oh Man! And I have exactly 26 days to get it all done!!!

Alright…so its gonna get busier as the actual day draws nearer. On hindside, I’m ENJOYING every single minute of it! REALLY!! I would not swop it for anything nor would I change any of it. In fact, as it draws closer….I find myself loving the whole process, from changing my mind countless time on the theme and colour scheme, to the layout and decorations of the place, my cake and pop design, and even right down to my dress, and also my bouquet. Hehehe…I’m trying darn hard not to go overboard.

Anyway…I was saying…how I love the whole process of putting the wedding together. I cannot be more excited with the planning, the fuss and all that hassle of going DIY just to get that ideal wedding!

So lets begin the countdown.

Sighz…now that I’m talking about countdowns….it made me realise that once its all over…I might have nothing to fuss about anything, nothing to keep me occupied and nothing to look forward to anymore. Life would go back to being boring and mundane (luckily I have Jono to keep me entertain for the rest of our lives! hehehe…otherwise…life would really be meaningless.) How I wish I could do more of this. I wish that Brides out there who are too lazy to plan their wedding would get me to help them plan their perfect and unique wedding…so that I can relive this forever!!!