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Its been awhile since I posted anything here after our ROM.


Thought I’ll just share some of our Pre-Wedding pictures that we took some months back. Love It! Eventhough its alot more simple as compared to what most couples have for their pre-wedding shots.


I love it because the pictures turn out so natural and the colours were so soft and cosy, my only gripe was we didn’t maximize Nathan’s skill by going overseas for our photoshoot. It would have been even nicer than what we could find in Singapore….bleh! However beggars can’t be choosers! We simply couldn’t afford to get our pictures taken overseas as well as pay for the extra ticket and accomodation, so we had to settle for this Small Lousy Island, and I suppose by doing so it was entirely up to Nathan to work his wonders and make our pictures look as “Not Singapore” as possible and as natural as it can get. And I must say, he did it! He really did! And everytime I look it at it…it really makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside because Nathan managed to capture the essence of what John and I have, eventhough I must admit that we were really stiff and unnatural while we were having our pictures taken. Alright enough said….let’s just let the pictures do the talking. 


























(The funny thing about the location in the above picture is that we actually thought its a rather secluded and exclusive location that not many would know off and to get their pictures taken there. So as we set off in the evening our moods were high and we were all hyped up that we will be having a nice and unique scenary in Li’l O Singapore for our photoshoot, but to our surprise, we arrived at the location finding at least 3 couples with their bridal studio photographers having their pictures taken there!!! And the mini one lane road was packed with their cars. Gosh! Talk about Singapore being small….I think Small is an overstatement. -.-“)


So anyway…. what do you guys think of the pictures? Any comments or feedback? Do share!



Photographer: Nathan Wu


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Hi Guys!

Finally the long awaited Official engagement pic by Nathan Wu is out!!! Yeay!!! I’m so happy!

Unfortunately no pictures of me doing my make up, because eventhough I kept asking for someone to get the Nathan to come up, turns out no-one knew who the professional photographer was because everybody else was holding a DSLR camera. Talk about a mistaken identity. Lol!

Anyhoo… the pics turned out really good! And best yet, Nathan took many shots of the deco and ambience and most importantly my DIY Felt flower bouquet. Thats the most important thing! Oh…the colours…so dreamy…..it was just how I had pictured it in my mind from the start.



Still, all this “dream come true” wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for all those who came especially early, who braved the heat and worked hard to put my vision into reality. These are the guys I salute and truly appreciate. Not a word of complain, not once did they take a break, yet full of dedication and effort to help us out.

Really can’t thank them enough!



A toast to the Professionals!

Of cos not forgetting my very patient make up artiste, ANDY, who patiently help me with my hair and makeup and accommodating to my indecisiveness.

Clarice Hee: our wedding co-ordinator from Seb’s Bistro really did alot to help us manage everything as well as made sure that everything was right on task, she even got down to doing the  work, trimming our runners for us. There is definitely no regret in opting for Seb’s over all the other venues.

Nathan Wu: our official photographer for being so dedicated and taking loads of wonderful pics for us. Giving us a beautiful display of the event itself and making the memory a visual and lasting one.

Lastly, Poppy Floral Studio for being so attentive and listening to what I really wanted, the colours of the flowers as well as the choice of flowers seriously complete the whole deco and theme. It was SPOT ON! Too bad nobody took pictures of the floral arrangements on the buffet table. It was G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!!! I absolutely love the GENEROUS bunch of Hydrangeas!!

The one person tht I have to thank most is Jono. For being so patient and supportive and allowing me to share my ideas and helping me create my “Dream Engagement Party”.  One can only imagine all the “BRILLIANT” ideas and imaginations I had, and how persistent I can get just to have it all!!! Hehehe….. all to make it memorable. Wonder what I’m gonna come up with for our customary banquet in 2013 0.O”

Alrite…without further a do let me share with you some of the Brilliant pictures!!!

“Cherish”, the “Heart” and “Star” wand all painted by Jono! Aren’t they pretty? And the mugs were his Starbucks Collectibles from all over the world.

Isn’t the combi really pretty? Doesn’t the colour all stand out and create a dreamy, gardeny and bubblegum pop feel? 

Got the set from TYPO at Wisma, and the cupcake flag from “I wanna go Home” at Great World City for a good deal! 

The pink runners came in a big roll and Jono measured and cut each one to precise proportion and measurements! Definitely his thing!

(Do you need pink runners? Email us)

Coloured palm fans bought from “All Good things Wedding” at only $1.50 per pc, and the name tags were created using my new-found skills in illustrator. 

Cage bot in Arab Street for $20 (I think) and the tag again was created on illustrator this was our Ang Pow Box.

(Anyone wants to rent the Cage for your Ang Pows for $10?)

Oh..the photo guest book that I slogged for months to get done! My pages of art!

Lanterns bot in Chinatown and from SKP. Seriously…who would ever thot it  would be so hard to get lanterns off the shelf and cheap. The only ones we could find were online and they cost a bomb. These ones took us hours and hours of walking all over Chinatown to find. But it was a good deal after all and a good way to spend quality time with the Hubby!

(Anyone wants to rent the Lanterns for $4 each?)

Crepe paper ribbons and trimmings designed by Nicole and tied on by the ladies and boys! Definitely made the “Aisle” perfect!

These flags I cut from various designed scrapbooking paper and then hot glued to a pink ribbon. 

Jenny Ah yee, Lyndi and Deborah helped to tie the string ard the tree and helped to hang up the pics I brot. Good thing I had a huge stash of pictures way beforehand. 

The Ring Pillow that I made from scratch using the a mini pillow, white felt and lace trims that I had, to give it a more bridal feel instead of the original turqouise pillow that I had bot. Then I added the pink and turqoiuse ribbon that was used throughout all the other deco as the ring ribbon to match the theme. 

Elizabeth and Nicole is incharge of the photobooth because they are the polaroid experts. The instruction sign was created on my illustrator as well. 

The thing that took me 2-3 months to complete! The thing I am most proud off. My FELT FLOWER BOUQUET and the Boutanniere and corsages that I handstitched and put together.

Want to see more? Check out more pics at our Engagement Party Album on Picasa. 🙂 or click the link below to view the slideshow using Flash.


Want any of the customed DIY things you see on this post for your own wedding but you are too busy to do them yourself? I’ll do em for you at your choice of colours as well as match your theme. 

Do you need suggestions or advise on your own special day or do you need someone to help you co-ordinate your own special event for you with a more personal touch? 

Feel free to email me or leave a comment on this post, and perhaps I really can assist you in creating your dream wedding! 

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It’s 30 Oct 2011.

Today’s our big day!

Today’s the day that every girl’s been waiting for.

In approximately 5 hrs… Johnathan and I will officially be husband and wife. Yippee!! So surreal!!!

Sis and simon got two rooms at rendezvous hotel for two nights, for us and for them.

Feeling at the moment: pretty calm and collected. Not feeling nervous or anxious yet. Wonder why? Perhaps I’ve been so caught up with the planning and preparation and have been excited and anticipating this for the entire year that it has become a part of me and like my everyday..

We’ll see…

Off to holland v for brunch and to order halal meal for my Muslim frens. Yummy!!

I’ll keep you guys posted as and when I’ve got the chance to.


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Jus went for our food tasting at Seb’s yesterday evening. Invited Ray and Janelle to join us for the evening.

Clarice was as usual very efficient and thotful with us. She advised us to take down notes for every dish tht we tried so tht we can infrm them of any changes we would like as well as anything we dun like abt the dish, and she’ll try her best to see if the chef can adjust the dish. 🙂

It’s my first time doing food tasting and I must say the whole experience was great! We were definitely treated like royalty or even like those food critics u watch on television, critiquing every dish being served. Oh, and the fact that we got to fill our tummy with so much food made it all worthwhile.

Let me share with u what we will be having for the actual evening.

1) Quiche Lorraine garnished with Alfalfa.


Comments on this dish:

Rina: not enough filling, thus crust is abit too much, however the crust is very tasty.
Jono: not enough filling. Not much taste.
Ray: loves the crust.
Janelle: filling was to the brim, and crust is good, tho she couldn’t taste wat is inside the filling.

Verdict: We shared our concerns with Clarice and she made notes about our request for the filling to be tasty and filled to the brim. 🙂

2) Nicoise Salad


Comments on this dish:

We: Its unanimous!!! We love it! Love that there’s quite an assortment of vege in it. And that every mouthful is well mixed with tuna. And it’s tasty!!

3) Country Style Pate.


Comment on this dish:

We: Love the condiments that came along with it. The pate was actually not bad,not the soft mushy type, this one has something to chew on. And guess wat, we didn’t realize that the pate was wrapped in ham until we were about to finish the pate. The entire thing was Edible rite from start to finish! Oh yes, the condiments came with a mini pot of pickled shallot and mini pickles that were crunchy, sweet and not sour! Yummy!! And the other pot of condiment was shredded duck meat, so light and tender u can spread it on the lightly toasted bread that came along.

3) Raw seabass garnished with Alfalfa.


Comments on this dish:

Rina: love this dish very much!! Love tht it’s raw and so fresh. Love the texture of the fish. Didn’t bother much abt the alfalfa. (p.s. it’s almost like the type of raw fish you’d have with a bowl of congee, the kind where Chinese will top with spring onion, lettuce, chopped chilli and squeeze lime over. Mmmmm….feeling like a bowl of pork congee paired with sheng yu and you tiao)
Jono: don’t really like the alfalfa, finds that it over powers the fish. Doesn’t really find the taste and texture of the fish appealing. Believes that if this dish was left out too long during the buffet it will taste bad. Prefers smoke salmon.
Janelle: Thinks that although unique and interesting, this dish won’t be very popular among the guests as it is an uncommon dish to serve. It might be unpopular due to it’s fishy taste. Smoked salmon will be more popular.
Ray: finds the alfalfa’s raw vege taste too overpowering. Told him to eat the fish without the alfalfa. He too finds the dish rather odd and will be unpopular with most people. Smoked salmon will be better.

Verdict: Majority agreed that smoked salmon will be a better choice in terms of popularity and guests cleaning out the buffet trays. So we changed the dish to smoked salmon.

4) Duck Shepperd pie


Comments on this dish:

We: Enjoyed this dish very much. Becos it is different from the typical beef Shepherd’s pie. The mashed potato was so light… It literally disappears the moment u put it in ur mouth.. And the duck meat atthe bottom of the pie totally compliment the light potato mash. it’s a very light dish altogether, unlike a minced beef shepherd pie. Only one minor issue: there wasn’t enough cheese on top! Lol.

5) Seabass dressed with lobster bisque

( it was meant to be snapper, but Clarice said tht the kitchen ran out of snapper that evening)

Sorry! No pictures for this one. We forgot to take pictures. :p

Comments on this dish:

I will speak for everyone here, I think we like this dish, cos it’s pan seared fish. Especially tht the fish was so fresh, and it was seared to perfection with the skin lightly browned and crisp. There wasn’t any negative comments about it, thats for sure. Although I do think that if it was snapper, it’ll be more perfect, since the meat of snappers are generally much smoother n flaky in terms of texture than a Seabass. So we told Clarice that we’ll stick with snapper on our actual day.

6) French beans


Comments on this dish:

We were pleasantly surprise by the size of these beans! It’s not your typical thick and tough and raw tasting French beans… It’s actually thin and soft to the bite, and no raw vege taste. And they either stir fried it with garlic (which is quite unlikely considering tht this is a French restaurant rather than a Chinese one) or they jus lightly boiled the beans and later toss it with butter and garlic. Either way, it’s equally tantalizing.

7) Chicken Blanquette with rice


(Picture is getting darker and darker as It was getting later and the bistro is not meant to be very well lit.)

Comments on this dish:

We: at first sight, you’d think this is like Lor Mai Kai (glutinous rice with chicken), or even a western version of our Local fav. Hainanese chicken rice. Ok, So it is chicken rice, But the rice is definitely not glutinous(I hate glutinous stuff). Anyway it is one hell of a French Chicken rice, Becos it’s superb!!! It’s new to all of us, needless to say we loved it! First of all, the rice is soaked in a light cream sauce with white wine, and the texture of the rice was soft yet grainy, it blended well with the sauce. And the chicken… Oh! The soft and tender chicken literally dissolved once it reaches your tongue. Wow! Perfection! We think this is gng to be a hot fav. Among the guest on the actual evening. What do u think?

Verdict: needless to say… Its unanimous too, we have to love it. And I think it’s our fav. Dish for tht evening.


8. Beef bourguignon with mashes potato.

Sorry, no pics for this one either.

(We were quite distracted by then as Clarice came over to discuss abt the seating arrangements, menu, as well as other miscellaneous issues.)

Comment on this dish:
By this time, we were all very filled! There was much room in our tummy for more or even any sense of appreciation for the taste.
But I made sure I ate my fill of the “Complimentary food tasting”, so here’s my comment. Needless to say, the mash is light and fluffy. But the real highlight was The beef. It was so tender! U can peel every strand of meat apart by simply brushing your fork over. And the sauce was really appetizing, imagine that I was pretty stuffed by then, yet I manage to clean out the beef. (beef only, not the mash) 🙂




Last, but not least….




9) Penna pasta with tomato confit

Sorry again, no picture. 🙂

This is a simple and ordinary yet appealing dish. Not like it’s ordinary-not nice, but ordinary restaurant standard. 🙂 the penne was definitely al dente and the sauce was made of real tomato with a bright and cheerful red to it, topped with basil leaves, this dish was definitely pleasant to the eye as well as your appetite. As you pick up the pasta, you’ll find a whole or at least halves of big tomatoes within the dish itself. Still yummy to me.. Eventho I was super full by now, I doubt that the rest had more than 2 pcs of penne after the beef bourguignon. Nevertheless, they like it too, and they think that it’s a good dish to have in the buffet as it is very easy on the taste bud and will suit even the pickiest eater. I hope so…..




Finally…. For all u sweets and dessert lovers!!




10) Creme brûlée, apple tart and choc eclair

(.… Surprisingly amidst all the discussion, we managed to get pictures of this one. Lol. Oh I think it was Becos the choc eclair was red on the top. :))


Because I’m not a sweet tooth. I shall leave it to the rest to comment on the dessert, tho I did try the Creme brûlée, and I must say… It’s my first one… And it was rather nice.
And I love how the chef made the top of the eclair a striking red in colour… So clever and chic… Makes it look so appealing and unique. So much so that I couldn’t resist giving it a try as well, and I was glad I did, cos the choc was not the overly sweet yet tasteless kind, instead it had a slight bitter cocoa taste. Love it… (if only all desserts were like tht)…

Comment on the desserts:
Janelle: likes the apple tart, she said that it’s very nice.
Ray: likes the Creme brûlée, and most likely the chic eclair too (he’s quite a chocaholic kinda guy)
Jono: I think it’s him who said that the top of the Creme brûlée was really nice Becos the sugar top was light and crunchy and jus the right amount of sweet. And he likes the apple tart too(we’ll take his word for it, cos he’s not an apple-anything kinda person, except for apple pie from Mcdonald’s :p so one can imagine, how great it must be for him to actually appreciate it’s taste).


All 10 dishes!! For the price of $87 or $89++ per pax…(can’t remember)… With 8 bottles of wine for 8 tables, basic floral deco for all the tables including the buffet spread and wedding cake table, free flow of coffee, tea and soft drinks and usage of 2 wireless mics/sound system, signages for your guests, and lastly and most importantly an approachable and dedicated event co-ordinator to make sure tht everything runs smoothly and according to plan on that important day of urs. I say it’s rather reasonable, don’t you think?

Overall, Eventho I dun get a lush garden greenery of my dream as I walk down the so-called “aisle”. I am ultimately very happy with the food, ambience and most importantly the service of this place. And as It draws closer to my actual day, I’m beginning to appreciate the fact that we had gone with our gut feel and chose to hold such an important date at Seb’s. Becos we know that like us, our guests will feel comfortable and relax and enjoy the cosy atmosphere and surroundings of the bistro throughout the evening. 🙂

Here’s the layout of the seating arrangement for the evening.


We changed the placement of the solemnisation table as well as the buffet table. Not sure if it’ll work tho… But we can give it a shot and imagine how it will look like.

Fingers cross that it will rain for a few days before the 30 oct and maybe in the early morning of that day, so that it will keep the place cool throughout the evening. :p

Let’s hope for the best!!

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As the date of my engagement draws near…I am beginning to get a little worried…simply because I have LESS TIME to prepare and get my stuff done. Jeesh….And I like started prepping super early!! Darn!! Where did all that time go?..(I have been very very busy and preoccupied with other stuff…juggling work, weekly sports and my design course at night as well as homework and assignments from that.) Sighz…tho its super tiring…I am really enjoying the latter. Not my work! (I hate my job!….but it pays….so I have to stick to it…for now.)

Plan: To resign once the wedding is over …which is in 2013…I am not sure if I can tahan working there that long…..might want to push forward if I can find something new…..maybe after the engagement. 🙂 Something to look forward to! Hopefully I can find something I enjoy doing … eventually. o.O”

Ah….side track abit….okok! Let’s get back to what I am suppose to be talking about…The HAPPY stuff…. instead of the negative stuff (i.e. Work). Cos Wedding is always positive..and it makes me happy talking and planning everything. I am not sure why I don’t seem to mind the whole stress and hassles of planning the wedding…in fact I am loving every minute of the process of putting the littlest details together. Can’t WAit for the DAY to come!!!

Alrite! So ….Decos! Sourcing decos for the wedding….well…. its sort of more or less settled since Seb’s Bistro’s got me settled on my florist. Poppy Floral Studio will be doing my floral deco for the day. I think its going to be rather simple becos of BUDGET CONTRAINTS again…. (this set of words keep popping up everywhere!!! I hate it!!!  😦 IF ONLY…..anyhow….let’s make the best out of what we can afford).

What’s left to do is…to beef up the deco to create a cosy yet fun atmosphere for my guests and MYSELF!! Hahaha….

I’m thinking of hanging stuff ard the bistro…. Lanterns or Pom-Pom? Again…I found rather reasonable decorative stuff from my fav. wedding product site Good Things Wedding Favors .

POM-POMS (Blue in color)



$16.90 USD for a set of 5 pom-poms. Not a bad price. I get 5 pcs to hang ard…

POM-POMS (Pink in color)

Pink ones cost $16.50 USD for a set of 5. Dunno why its cheaper….but I’m happy that it is!!!

Come to think of it….you can actually find Pom-poms at http://www.etsy.com some of the sellers handcrafted their poms and sell em. 🙂

Glass Candle Holders!! (Super cool…can imagine them hanging from the beams…with litted candles in them..ahhh….)


$5.00 USD per bottle. Minimum order of 12 pcs. Abit ex…after you work out the entire cost.

ROUND PAPER LANTERNS (A variety of assorted colors as well as sizes)

$ 1.99 USD each 10 inch diameter.
$ 4.76 USD each 18 inch diameter.
$ 7.10 USD each 24 inch diameter. (not too bad a price)

Check out this arrangement suggested by the website. REALLY PRETTY!! I LOVE IT!! I wish I could get a similar effect!!

(Wonder if my florist will get me blue table dressers…..I should ask her about it)


How pretty are these!? ….I love how retro it looks! unfortunately…its not meant as a light source. DAMN it…cannot put candles inside.  I really love these Eyelet ones….

Comes in PINK too….OMG!!! DOUBLE LOVE!!!

Price? $14.90 USD for a set of 3 lanterns. (again not a bad price for such a unique pcs of deco)

Just for laughs…….
Fancy putting this to dress up the ambience! LOL!!!!! Yeay…maybe if my theme is RED in color! Hahaha…can’t believe they sell this one too. $10USD for one!! OMG….
Jokes Aside……


Ah!! A perfect solution for burning lanterns and topple candles….I present to you…..


I am LOVING this site more and more…..it has everything!!! even chinese lanterns! Hahaha…..but really….this is perfect!!! 

$5.20 USD for a set of 4…..minimum order of 2…which means I’ll have 8.

Alrite…I m planning to improvise….eventho they mentioned that the eyelet lanterns are not meant as light source….I am thinking of tying the battery candles to strings and hanging it in the lanterns. What do you think? Do-able?

Btw…these are not the only lanterns they sell…in fact…they sell an assortment of sizes and design…check out the site…you might find something u like at a reasonable cost than what wedding planners or service can offer you here at home.

Anyway….I am now thinking…instead of using Pink and Blue lanterns….I might wan to mix it up abit…and have All Lanterns in Pink and perhaps….other hanging decos in different shapes in blue…maybe blue ribbons or rice paper) So that it won’t look so cluttered.

Then again…I think I might need to pick and stick to a dominant color. And use that color as the main color…and the other to compliment. Which will it be? Pink? or Blue? Gosh…I cannot decide…. Any suggestions??

Maybe I should look at my invitation card and work from there….. 🙂

Hope you had fun looking at all the colorful decoratives….as well as shopping at the site. Gosh!! Need to place my purchase asap…otherwise no time for shipping!


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Just realise I haven’t post anything about my colour and theme for the solemnisation. In fact I’ve already got a good idea and plan on my theme for a long time now… and I was having a bit of a problem figuring how I should put the whole theme and idea together to make it look nice and not over done. This entry will be mainly about the ideas I found online…as well as what I came up with. Btw…My theme is Bubble Gum Garden Wedding… 🙂

Stuff I found online….

I really love this wedding theme. It has all the colours that I really love!!! Pink, Hot Pink, Turqoise, Blue….Deep Purple. Ah…so lovely.

So here is a color swatch for this theme…that i’ll be using as a guide to choose my colors.

I love this person for posting this theme idea! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!!

What do you think? Any suggestions?

I’m intending to have coloured palm fans as part of the wedding favours for my guests. It was initially paper fans or sandalwood fans…BUT! Tooo expensive….not cost efficient at all. And I have to order em from U.S … I can’t seem to find any suppliers from Singapore at all….that sells coloured ones…as well as for an afforadable price. So off I go to a U.S website…luckily for me…there are quite alot out there to choose from..and I found PALM Fans which is sooo…much better than paper fans.

These are the ones I’m thinking of getting.

Hot Pink or Pink ones.

Turqoise Ones.

Courtesy of this U.S wedding favor wedbsite Good Things Wedding Favors…out of so many I browsed through….this website has the cheapest and most reasonable wedding favours. 🙂

I’m thinking of getting lanterns too…to add colour and decorate the place to create the ambience I want.

Will show u more next time…. got to go for now… hope I have more to share the next time round.

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Since we are doing our solemnisation this Oct, we have to get started looking for suitable venues to hold the event. My initial suggestion was to just go to the Registry of Marriage place at Fort Canning to just sign the papers and proceed to a restuarant for lunch with like 10-20 of our family members. But Jono felt that it cheapens the whole event when it’s suppose to be a grand thing because we area then officially husband and wife. So he feels that he’d rather throw a simple party of sorts, rather than make it soooo simple. And that got me thinking creatively and even more excited with the planning of the solemnisation rather than my actual customary day which is a long time from now… 😛

And this means that I get to have my DREAM KIND of WEDDING…..an outdoorsy -Al fresco/ garden sort kind of wedding! YEAY!!! I can’t be more happy than that….. and that also means I have to start sourcing out for places….

Sis brought to my attention of a nice place at Botanical Gardens call Burkill Hall. Very nice old colonial house the NEA rent out for events. Looks nice but rental cost is like $2-3K not inclusive of catering. Tho its nice and all…its crossed out before I can even discuss it with Jono.

Outdoor…Al Fresco….Gardeny wedding…..venues……in fact it wasn’t very hard searching for all these places, cos I had already done some research on these areas at the very start while planning for my Actual Customary Wedding, but becos of its small capacity I had to forgo the idea. But now that we are in Plan B (Solemnisation in 2011, Customary in 2013) …I can start re-looking at these places!

Shortlisted a couple,

1)One Rochester,

2)Rochester 7 (Rochester House), and

3)Colonial at Scotts.

Didn’t really go and look at other places like Hort Park and all as much as I’ll get my gardeny feel. But I wanted a colonial house along with the garden.

We spent the past two weeks viewing these 3 places.

1) 1-Rochester


One Rochester: nice place and ambience, nice greenery, only gribe is its Expensive and because of space constraints, guest will be seated separately and I mean quite far apart, apparently we were told that approximate 20 can be seated in the house and 40 or more between the main hall and the outdoor dining somewhere along the walk ways, jus not together as a while. So one group in one area in the house, another group in another area in the garden, and another group somewhere in another section of the garden. Jono and I didn’t really like the idea that they will be so segregated. We want to be able to see everyone present as a whole, we can see everyone at one glance. So eventhough the package came along with a choice of a cake (top up $$$) or decorated cupcakes, they don’t do flowers of my choice if so its at additional cost to the already $110++ per head buffet package. I told their in-house wedding co-ordinator (S) that I wanted Hydrangeas and Peonies, but she said its very seasonal and October wouldn’t be the right season, Plus Hydrangeas are expensive and wither fast, so have to add on the cost and consider it. 😦

Worse part of it all, was when she asked me what will the colour of my dress be on that day, and I told her “white” of cos, and my whole “BRILLIANT” idea of putting it all together with a Pretty Themed Tee tugged under a short knee length Can-Can skirt or Tu-Tu paired with coloured theme wellington boots… My “Brilliant” idea must have shocked the life out of her…cos right away her jaw dropped and her response was like this….

“Huh?” and her face was like all weird. “Really? Ah? Wellington Boots? Very weird lei…” and she stopped there.

She so didn’t buy my idea at all, so what did she mean by spontaneous and lively?? Cos she even very proudly described that one of her client was very spontaneous so I thot she is open to radical ideas. And after the whole discussion about colour themes to match my outfit as well as the very disappointing facts about flowers in season, she told me to go for overall white deco and baby’s breath as fillers for my fresh floral deco ….I dunno for what and what she meant at that point…..I felt so disappointed! My heart dropped once again. HELO??? COLOURS?? My THEME IS COLOURFUL PASTELS with BLUE and PINK and PURPLE??? What has that got to do with WHITE???

Needless to say, at that point 1-Rochester was out the window, in fact it was out the minute she got a shock when I told her about my “Wellington Boots” idea.

Verdict: I find it expensive and not flexible and mostly I felt insulted and disappointed that S didn’t even try to understand my idea of a solemnisation. 😦 Jono finds it expensive and didn’t like that guests will be seated in segregated areas. Even though both of us feel that its really nice and cosy place…abit too ATTAS for us cos S kept reminding us that if we are going to compare price between them and other guys we have to compare them to a 4-star hotel, cos their standard is UP at that level. But a 4-star hotel with a sitdown chinese banquet menu at $120 per pax comes with a 4 star bridal suite and alot of other perks lei, how to compare?? Didn’t make a whole lot of “CENTS” tome.

2) 7 Rochester House (Seb’s Bistro)

7 Rochester House – Seb’s Bistro. NICE place. They did quite alot of renovation or refurbishing to the place, that it didn’t look much like the pictures…tho most of it are still there, there are alot more extras added to the place. Able to sit up to 150 comfortably and 200 standing.

Their in-house wedding co-ordinator (C)was nice and very sincere, I mean we both felt that she seems more sincere and not so pushy. Plus their buffet package was much much cheaper and reasonable. There was a couple of other menus she had sent to us, but we are looking at the $65 or $85 + per head package becos of our tight budget so C suggested that she could tailor the menu to an in-between if we find that the $85 + package was too expensive for us.

In addition to that when I mentioned that I wanted Hydrangeas and Eustomias (this time no Peonies since S told me its seasonal so I had to go look up and find alternatives) and I showed her the picture of the kind of arrangements I want, C was very kind and said that she could discuss with her florist and see what they can work out for us. Unlike (S), C didn’t mention that Hydrangeas wouldn’t have additional cost as its available most of the time, so its not that hard to get, and that made me feel better already (eventho she could be lying), but I liked that she listened and showed that she will try. She even asked me to scan the picture and send it to her so that she can send it to her florist, and guess who they work with??? Poppy Floral Studio!!! If you have been looking at bridal magazines and all like me, you’ll know why I am so happy to know that they are working with PFS. C also advised me that becos PFS is very creative they charge abit more, but to work within the budget we could consider about having a less lush pcs of centre piece with the colours I like with creative colour themed knick knacks or I can have a full and lush centre pcs but lesser in quantity across the table without knick knacks etc. C was much more flexible and was more creative with playing around for ideas.

Wat was good about the place is, that it is mostly sheltered tho part of the area being sheltered can be retracted if desired, so you get to enjoy the outdoor as well as the indoors in case it rains. There is also a more spacious layout whereby guests won’t be seated in segregated parts of the venue, they will all be seen in a glance. Overall It has a comfy and cosy al-fresco dining feel to it, eventho it didn’t have as much greens as compared to 1-Rochester.

Verdict: I Like it and I felt very comfortable and relax at 7 Rochester rather than 1-Rochester. Jono Likes it too, he liked that its sheltered and that its retractable as well as that guests will all be seated together. It was Unanimous!

3) The Colonial at Scotts

The The last one we saw, which was last Friday, was the Colonial at Scotts. This is along scotts road where the SKII Boutique Spa is. This is a boutique hall managed by The Songs of India – Indian Cuisine – Restaurant. The rental for the area is relatively cheap – $500-$600 (for the entire duration). Catering is outsourced to Rasel Caterers and I think others as well. Was told that the dining hall could fit up to 10 round tables at least including a buffet spread or solemnization right at the end of the hall.

Jono being Jono was very very reluctant to even give this place a chance for a viewing, Lol, firstly becos he feels that parking there is gng to be a big problem, second he doesn’t even like the sound of that place, lol!!! seriously complained the entire time we were there…while waiting for the lady (E) from the catering company. To fuel his resistance to be there, E was abit late. Suppose to meet at 5, but I figured she must have been caught in a traffic especially along scotts road. Jono was not so forgiving he insisted that being late is not a good sign and excuse, and he will not book them. Lol!!! Perhaps he’s already made up his mind about where he wants.

Anyway TC@scotts have very limited parking lots although there is suppose to be 25 lots, didn’t look like 25 to me, there was only like maybe 10 lots available. I think that 25 lots would ve been very very cramp. Parking is not my main concern, for me it is the venue itself including the place for the solemnisation to take place, unfortunately I was introduced to a very rundown backyard or should I say back area (where the owners dump their old unwanted furnitures), there was no grass , no garden, no yard, jus very old and faded tiles, the only green I saw was coming from the battered fences and creeping plants from the neighbouring colonial house. To make the place look even more rundown and unsightly were the old unwanted furnitures stack up at the backend of this “backyard”, one word to sum it all up, Ugly. I didn’t like it. I cannot imagine a ton of flowers being able to bring this place back to life, unless I am a rich girl who doesn’t mind paying for top-notch wedding planning services to clean up the area.

Eventho the main hall was not too bad, the furnitures where really battered and rundown. So much so, a chair gave way the moment Jono tried to sit on it, you can imagine what Jono’s reactions were like. E wasn’t too bad, just a little pushy for us to book the venue, eventho I think I told her a Zillion times that my plan is to have my solemnisation outdoor and the only place is the rundown area and I didn’t like it, she didn’t seem to get it and told me they could clear it up and up the area or I could even have my solemnisation IN the hall itself. Helo!? OUTDOOR solemnization?? Sighz…

Besides that, while we were there we were attacked by so many mosquitoes…we had to escape and hide inside the car. I can’t imagine my guests being bothered the whole night by these pests and scratching away while dressed in their best outfits.

so we left the place and I let Jono have the satisfaction of doing the “I told you so”. But I really have to admit that he does know what he is talking about (SOMETIMES) hahah…like this for example….he knew even without having to look at the place that he wasn’t going to like it and it will be a waste of time.

Apparently, E told me that TC@Scotts is about to go through some refurbishing works, it will be done way before my solemnisation date and will be much much nicer than now. So the website’s pictures wouldnt be able to do justice to the place. You judge for yourself when you are there. But if you like Chandeliers and stuff…you may like this one. 🙂 Perhaps I’m not so much a Chandeliers kind of girl.

Verdict: I was disappointed by the so-called outdoor area and the size of the place and there were alot of hungry mosquitoes!!! Jono,needless to say hates it for everything…lol!…there was nothing there that he can make himself like.

Final VERDICT???

Quite obvious rite? We are going for 7 Rochester, like you didn’t already guess it. 🙂 Can’t help it, I think we were sold the moment we set foot there. Hahaha…in fact I was pretty ready to confirm my booking on that very day. Actually the rest of the places we viewed were equally good, jus that it didn’t suit me, maybe others might feel that segregated seatings and chandeliers are their thing.

Anyhoo….I’m SUPER EXCITED!!!! Going down tmr…with the photographer to have a look at the place and the lighting and all. Woo!!! I’ll talk about photography another day….

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