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Did I mention before that I was busy drafting a design for our solemnisation? Yes I was…. and I was searching high and low for a reasonable priced printer here at home. I must say…it is a good yet eye-opening experience…becos its through this that I realise how EXPENSIVE production can be in Singapore. Really! Why is that so? I have no idea….maybe Singaporeans are not fond of producing their own stuff…and the market here is so small its hard to earn a living through production. Sighz….

Good thing I went on bridal forums to check out if they have cheaper options to offer. Indeed they do!!! Instead of doing their printing of wedding cards in Singapore…which most couples still do….quite a number of resourceful couples actually found a printing shop up in JB CitySquare mall that offers Cheaper printing services. Its call T&T printing….they have no website to look at. So you either trust your instinct or trust those of us who are daring enough to go all the way there to save abit of money. 🙂 And truly we did save!!!

So…we took the risk… we drove all the way down to JB….to try our luck…I was ready to be disappointed and leave empty handed.

Btw..this is a copy of the design of my invite. 🙂 Hope you like it.



Not a very professional pcs…but I am an amateur…and when I did this…I have not started my design course yet. So its kinda better than I expected for someone who has no formal training in design. 🙂 then again….the whole designing process for this card was made so much easier simple because I am a New Mac user… 🙂 and I’m loving it ever since. The kind of applications I could download at a very low cost really made it all worthwhile. It definitely helped alot.

So…I took one of the templates from the card design application that I downloaded and tweek a little here….and little there. And Viola! I got this! Hahaha….and the cartoon on the back ….I drew it using the Wacom Tablet I got for my birthday present this yr. VERY USEFUL!!!

Ok…So…are you ready to see the Finish Product?? Here it is….in hardcopy…so picture quality may not do justice for the actual quality of the card.




The paper quality is really good. The type of material used is also close to my ideal. I have to say I am very happy with the outcome of the printing service as well as the quality. The lady at the shop was also very patient and friendly. And she gave us discount!!! 🙂

Hmmm….for a moment now I cant seem to remember how much it all cost. If I am not wrong…it cost about $1 per pc for glossy print as well as thick card material (not postcard thick), not glossy photopaper (the only kind that shops in Singapore offer at a cheaper price)…this one is much thicker..which would be at least $1.80 and above in singapore. I will have to go back and check and append this post.

Where is it? Its at CitySquare JB Level 4. Take the escalator up to the 4th floor…look ard the level…it has a large sign that says T&T printing, you won’t miss it.


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