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Hi Guys!

Finally the long awaited Official engagement pic by Nathan Wu is out!!! Yeay!!! I’m so happy!

Unfortunately no pictures of me doing my make up, because eventhough I kept asking for someone to get the Nathan to come up, turns out no-one knew who the professional photographer was because everybody else was holding a DSLR camera. Talk about a mistaken identity. Lol!

Anyhoo… the pics turned out really good! And best yet, Nathan took many shots of the deco and ambience and most importantly my DIY Felt flower bouquet. Thats the most important thing! Oh…the colours…so dreamy…..it was just how I had pictured it in my mind from the start.



Still, all this “dream come true” wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for all those who came especially early, who braved the heat and worked hard to put my vision into reality. These are the guys I salute and truly appreciate. Not a word of complain, not once did they take a break, yet full of dedication and effort to help us out.

Really can’t thank them enough!



A toast to the Professionals!

Of cos not forgetting my very patient make up artiste, ANDY, who patiently help me with my hair and makeup and accommodating to my indecisiveness.

Clarice Hee: our wedding co-ordinator from Seb’s Bistro really did alot to help us manage everything as well as made sure that everything was right on task, she even got down to doing the  work, trimming our runners for us. There is definitely no regret in opting for Seb’s over all the other venues.

Nathan Wu: our official photographer for being so dedicated and taking loads of wonderful pics for us. Giving us a beautiful display of the event itself and making the memory a visual and lasting one.

Lastly, Poppy Floral Studio for being so attentive and listening to what I really wanted, the colours of the flowers as well as the choice of flowers seriously complete the whole deco and theme. It was SPOT ON! Too bad nobody took pictures of the floral arrangements on the buffet table. It was G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!!! I absolutely love the GENEROUS bunch of Hydrangeas!!

The one person tht I have to thank most is Jono. For being so patient and supportive and allowing me to share my ideas and helping me create my “Dream Engagement Party”.  One can only imagine all the “BRILLIANT” ideas and imaginations I had, and how persistent I can get just to have it all!!! Hehehe….. all to make it memorable. Wonder what I’m gonna come up with for our customary banquet in 2013 0.O”

Alrite…without further a do let me share with you some of the Brilliant pictures!!!

“Cherish”, the “Heart” and “Star” wand all painted by Jono! Aren’t they pretty? And the mugs were his Starbucks Collectibles from all over the world.

Isn’t the combi really pretty? Doesn’t the colour all stand out and create a dreamy, gardeny and bubblegum pop feel? 

Got the set from TYPO at Wisma, and the cupcake flag from “I wanna go Home” at Great World City for a good deal! 

The pink runners came in a big roll and Jono measured and cut each one to precise proportion and measurements! Definitely his thing!

(Do you need pink runners? Email us)

Coloured palm fans bought from “All Good things Wedding” at only $1.50 per pc, and the name tags were created using my new-found skills in illustrator. 

Cage bot in Arab Street for $20 (I think) and the tag again was created on illustrator this was our Ang Pow Box.

(Anyone wants to rent the Cage for your Ang Pows for $10?)

Oh..the photo guest book that I slogged for months to get done! My pages of art!

Lanterns bot in Chinatown and from SKP. Seriously…who would ever thot it  would be so hard to get lanterns off the shelf and cheap. The only ones we could find were online and they cost a bomb. These ones took us hours and hours of walking all over Chinatown to find. But it was a good deal after all and a good way to spend quality time with the Hubby!

(Anyone wants to rent the Lanterns for $4 each?)

Crepe paper ribbons and trimmings designed by Nicole and tied on by the ladies and boys! Definitely made the “Aisle” perfect!

These flags I cut from various designed scrapbooking paper and then hot glued to a pink ribbon. 

Jenny Ah yee, Lyndi and Deborah helped to tie the string ard the tree and helped to hang up the pics I brot. Good thing I had a huge stash of pictures way beforehand. 

The Ring Pillow that I made from scratch using the a mini pillow, white felt and lace trims that I had, to give it a more bridal feel instead of the original turqouise pillow that I had bot. Then I added the pink and turqoiuse ribbon that was used throughout all the other deco as the ring ribbon to match the theme. 

Elizabeth and Nicole is incharge of the photobooth because they are the polaroid experts. The instruction sign was created on my illustrator as well. 

The thing that took me 2-3 months to complete! The thing I am most proud off. My FELT FLOWER BOUQUET and the Boutanniere and corsages that I handstitched and put together.

Want to see more? Check out more pics at our Engagement Party Album on Picasa. 🙂 or click the link below to view the slideshow using Flash.


Want any of the customed DIY things you see on this post for your own wedding but you are too busy to do them yourself? I’ll do em for you at your choice of colours as well as match your theme. 

Do you need suggestions or advise on your own special day or do you need someone to help you co-ordinate your own special event for you with a more personal touch? 

Feel free to email me or leave a comment on this post, and perhaps I really can assist you in creating your dream wedding! 


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What’s a vintage look without a pillbox birdcage veil rite? So I decided to make my own since I can’t seem to find any here at home and if I were to get any online.. It’ll be quite expensive with shipping included.

I was kinda lucky that I came across this shop in Arab St while shopping for buttons at the textile centre.


Found the hat base for $6

And I bot my cloth from people’s park complex in Chinatown. There’s lots of really cheap textiles, got mine for $5 per meter.

Alrite let’s get down to business:

Step1: place ur hat base on top of the cloth and draw an outline ard the hat leaving abt 2 inches of allowance ard the circle. I left About 3 inch beCos I wanted to do folds on the hat, if you dun intend to do so.. Probably 2 inch would suffice beCos u’d need allowance for the dome part of the hat. (sorry no pics beCos I didn’t think of taking it at that time)

Step 2:
Now that you have cut out your cloth, start by placing it on ur hat and fasten pins ard it to keep it in place while you make adjustments.

And beCos I wanted to add folds to my hat as part of the design, I had to use the pins to secure the cloth in the right position. So tht it won’t move or run while I’m sewing it down.


Now that you have secured the cloth and design u like onto ur hat, you an start sewing. BeCos I didn’t have a white thread, I used an off white one.. Which was quite visible.. Big mistake! But doesn’t matter, beCos I sewed the stitches on the inside, so you won’t b able to see it. Once you are done sewing the cloth to the hat, you can start decorating your hat. 🙂

Step4: decorating your hat

I placed my flowers and veil in the position I want them, then I used pins to secure then on to the hat so tht they won’t run or fall off when I sew them on, besides that, it also helps to give you an idea of where you are sewing and prevents mistakes.

This wasn’t really that nice, so I added some ruffles to give it more life and extravagance.

I used pearls instead of buttons, beCos it gives it a more glamourous and classy feel.

I sewed the flowers and ruffles onto the top of the hat so tht u can make sure it’s secured firmly and wouldn’t fall out if the weather gets too humid. If you find tht sewing is too troublesome, you always swop it with a hot glue gun. 🙂

I prefer to place the veil first, followed by the ruffles and last but not least the flowers and then the buttons or in my case pearls and jewel to add a little bit more of glamour.

Step 5:
Once you are done sewing your veil, ruffle then condiments, it’s time to sew or glue on a base to cover up all the ugly stitches. I chose to use a pink one, so tht it’ll match my theme.


Again, using your hat facing down onto your material, trace an outline ard your hat leaving about 2 inch again to be sure it sits well on the inside of the hat, and so that there will be lee way in case the cloth is too small.

Cut thin triangles ard the circumference of the circle. This will help the felt to sit nicely inside the hat without gathers.

Once you are done, you can try to place your pink inner lining into your hat.


Be sure to adjust the lining to make sure it sits nicely and if there is still gathers, u can trim to widen or deepen the triangles so that it’ll fit in nicely. 🙂

Finally, use a colored thread that is similar to your lining to secure the lining to the hat.



You got your very own customized Pillbox birdcage veil!! To complete the look, be sure to curl you hair with a curling tong to create that 1950’s pin up look! 🙂

P.s. Mine was done by my stylist. Hehe… But I’m so planning to get my own tongs once this whole event is over and when I have abit of spare cash. In the meantime, let’s Have fun with recreating that 1950’s glamour!!

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As promised here’s a picture of the completed felt bouquet!


Because I had already made a few felt flower templates of my own, I decided that I’d add them into the ones that I’d sewn from the kit. Turns out to be a rather nice combi if I must say so myself :p

What do you think?

Then I decided to add colored ribbons to the stem so that it will match my theme, to give it The Bubblegummy look! So sweet and bubblegummy, that you’d want to have a bite off the bouquet. 🙂


Oh! And I also added posies, to make the bouquet look fuller.

Now who wants to catch the bridal bouquet?!?!

I suppose this is an acquired taste… I bet most brides in singapore still dream of a more traditional/ conventional kind of wedding, and so they’ll still prefer to hold a real flower bouquet instead of an artificial one. 🙂 on the contrary, I prefer something that can withstand the test of time.

So I guess I chose to be different. But then again which bride wouldn’t?? I’m quite sure many brides out there likes to be creative and that they’ll want their wedding to be unique and unlike others.

I met a couple of ladies who told me that they have so many ideas of how they’d want their wedding to be, but they never got down to executing it. They either felt that it was going to be too time consuming and strenuous, or they feel that it was not gng to be cost efficient at all and so they have to minimize everything, then there r those who feel that they didn’t want to go through with the trouble. However they did it, at least 1 out of 3 of them wished they should have just try executing at least 1 or 2 of their ideas.

I really wish the ladies here would do more for their wedding then leave it as it is. Perhaps not so extravagant but at least a little thought and personalizing… Of cos I’ve seen a couple who did try, and I really kudos them for wanting to be different! And if you have the money, why not splurge on it (wisely and reasonably of cos), because it’s gonna be a “once in a lifetime” thingy. So go ahead and make the best out of it, create something you’ll remember for the rest of your life, live through that whole experience of preparation for as long as you can, because the preparation and hardwork is a process that you’ll enjoy and you’ll experience that sense of satisfaction when all is done and created!

I do admit that I’ve been tired and somedays exhausted… But not one day did I feel I wanted to give it all up. In fact, the more I did, the happier I felt, and the more I didn’t want it to end. 🙂

Crazy?? Maybe.

So.. If you are like me… Broke and do not have a huge trust fund or rich parents to fund your wedding, then go DIY like me. Give it a shot! Be your own wedding planner, manufacture your ideas yourself, Be creative! Trust me you’ll appreciate the experience!

The count down continues…..

Approximately 14 days to go!!

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Been quite some time since I last posted. Let’s see…..I stopped since my Princess Lasertron DIY Kit Package arrived.

I was busy putting the whole bouquet together. And guess what I am done!!! Woo Hoo!!! Feel like celebrating…(will post up pictures of it soon 🙂 cos its stored in my phone ) however…I still have many other things not done yet…i.e.

1) Nine bouttanaires for the boys, groom and fathers

2) 12 Hair Corsages for the ladies, and mothers

3) 90 Guest tags undone

4) Hair accessory for the flower girl

5) Pillbox Birdcage veil for myself.

And we still haven’t decided on our song list!!! Oh Man! And I have exactly 26 days to get it all done!!!

Alright…so its gonna get busier as the actual day draws nearer. On hindside, I’m ENJOYING every single minute of it! REALLY!! I would not swop it for anything nor would I change any of it. In fact, as it draws closer….I find myself loving the whole process, from changing my mind countless time on the theme and colour scheme, to the layout and decorations of the place, my cake and pop design, and even right down to my dress, and also my bouquet. Hehehe…I’m trying darn hard not to go overboard.

Anyway…I was saying…how I love the whole process of putting the wedding together. I cannot be more excited with the planning, the fuss and all that hassle of going DIY just to get that ideal wedding!

So lets begin the countdown.

Sighz…now that I’m talking about countdowns….it made me realise that once its all over…I might have nothing to fuss about anything, nothing to keep me occupied and nothing to look forward to anymore. Life would go back to being boring and mundane (luckily I have Jono to keep me entertain for the rest of our lives! hehehe…otherwise…life would really be meaningless.) How I wish I could do more of this. I wish that Brides out there who are too lazy to plan their wedding would get me to help them plan their perfect and unique wedding…so that I can relive this forever!!!

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My Princess Lasertron’s felt flower bouquet kit jus arrived today!! I’m super hyped!

Honestly this is way cool! Kit is filled with extremely cool and unique buttons. And the cut-out felt flowers are of very nice colours and design. Not only is the kit so beautiful on it’s own.. There’s also a step by step guide to making ur perfect bouquet…Then the best part about it is, there’s even a hand written note by The Princess herself!! How cool is tht??

I’m awestruck!! It’s like having your idol drop by your House and have tea with you!!


Check out all those cool cool buttons she selected for my kit! I love em!! It’s really unique. And what I like about the kit is how personalize it is, cos I got to choose the colours I like, and not only that, I can see all the detailed effort and consideration they put in to put the whole kit together for me. “I’m all smiles!!”

Wow! I can’t wait to get started on my kit man!!! Seriously.. Anyway, prior to this I’ve gotten quite excited while waiting for my kit to arrive and I actually kept myself busy doing a few trials of my own.

Here’s what I’ve been up to and what’s keeping me busy from updating this blog.


Of cos it’s no where near the quality of Princess Lasertron’s. Pardon the colours… I went pretty crazy with the colours!! But it’s a start… 🙂

Fear not… Now that I’ve got my Princess Lasertron’s kit…. I’ll be off to a better start puttting hers together. Yay!! And I’ll jus keep those ones that I’ve done…and see what I can do with them. 🙂 hmmm….

Yay!! Still can’t believe that a part of Princess Lasertron is in da’ house!!

What a way to brighten up my gloomy day!!

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I’m determine to make this engagement as personalise as possible!!!

Guess what…

I manage to squeeze some time in over the weekend to work on the felt flowers and my guest book amidst my super duper busy schedule. Of cos, by doing so.. I kinda neglected the work assignments tht I’m suppose to submit this week for my visual comm class 😦

So here’s what I’ve been up to…. Started with my guests book and then later my felt flower trial version to see if its do-able without any formal explanation or training from the guru.

The Guests’ Book



Another page from the book… Yes! These will be some of the many decorated pages that you will be signing and leaving your mark (well wishes and blessings) on. And for those of you who prefers to sign on a less complicated or flowery page, I have decided to leave a couple of pages empty for you to have your “Moment of Glory” 🙂


Here’s another ‘fun’ inspired page… Pictures were taken out of fun while waiting for our lunch.

20110823-112508.jpg Don’t you just love the colours on this one (oh I wish the desk was better lit, so that the pictures are brighter).

I guess I could have done more…but I tend to be abit lazy at some point..and then I would try to cut down on the steps to create a more awe-worthy piece. Anyhoo…i jus love the cute trinkets of cupcakes, biscuits and ice creams I got from Daiso. They match this theme and colour so well! In fact I was actually planning to use these as add-ons for a handphone cover design….but I just couldn’t resist putting them on this page. hehehe….

Felt Flower – Trial version

20110825-012316.jpgHere’s a ball of ruffled flower….I have no idea what it is call…but this is rather easy to make….and great for my first attempt. 

Then I thought since I tried the easier ones…why not I try re-creating the ones I saw on Princess Lasertron’s website….of cos…she is the guru…and only hers will ever be the good enough and awe-worthy. But no matter what….I was still quite excited to give it a shot and see what my outcome will be.


And so….I cut out two pieces of felt from the template I free handedly drew….and then I used embroidery threads to sew on some decorative stitches…….on and on I sewed….I must add that this is a very tedious and tiring pcs of work…and I kudos Princess Lasertron for making this a business of hers….It is one hack of a hard work!!! I dunno how she do it man!!…because it took me 2 nights to finish sewing just piece of this…and its not complete when its done…cos this is only the base of what is more to come after.

I sewed…..and I sewed…..

first night and then the second night…….





20110825-012349.jpg        PERFECT!!! (to me of cos…the amateur) Just so pretty!! 

Now that I am done with just the bottom -.-“, why not I try re-creating the fillers I saw online. If only I could create those ones…. (I wasn’t very confident and sure if I could do it).






I did it!!! I manage to do something that looks abit like the fillers….tho not exactly like the REAL Princess Lasertron….cos mine has uneven number of petals….I accidentally sewed on 11 petals…I dunno why. So my flower looks rather uneven. And since it was my first attempt, the bottom part of the flower did hold to well, so the button and wire seem rather lose and flimsy…gotta work on making it firmer.

And I was feeling rather confident at that point….thinking since I could do the one above…I could do ANYTHING….muahahahah!  (the doctor evil laugh). Thats when, I eagerly took out my needle and embroidery thread and started sewing and sewing…..




and Yes! I created my very own felt flower with decorated stitches, jus like Princess Lasertrons….. one can only imagine how happy and excited I was!


At that point I wish I could do a short internship with her and learn what ever I can from her and improve on my creativity. Its crazy….yes i know…especially the fact that I am no where near the U.S.  … jus a dream…never fear to dream big…. 🙂

Who made it happen?

Alright…enough of what I have achieve and all….. I shall not fail to mention how loving and patient and helpful Jono has been throughout this who experiment. He has actually given up his throne and offered to clear up his “Personal Space Zone” to allow me to shift my Mini Factory over.


So sweet of him to do so….. because I was seriously getting bad backaches from working on the TV bench by the bed….

We spent the weekend, clearing up the room and packing my factory supplies into boxes so that I could stack them up near the desk and reach for my supplies as and when I need em.


Our Mini Factory (as he calls it)…hahaha….well, I couldn’t have done any of this without him and his full support. It makes me realise how lucky I am that I am about to marry such a sweet and loving guy!

And I love him so much more.

Approximately 2 more months…and I’ll be officially Mrs Yuen! Oh My! Who would have thought I’d be married at 29 and to Mr Yuen. What a lovely surprise to life :).

A New Title.

and A New Last Name.

Plus a New Term for Jono….he will not be my Boyfriend anymore…he will be my Husband!!! hahahahaha……(still coming to terms with it).

And I’m Super Duper Excited to be his Wife!

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Above picture was taken from Ruffled.

Putting the whole look together is proving to be quite an uphill challenge for me man…. Not becos its difficult to find the things I like…or issit about the cost…but more because I simply WANT EVERYTHING!!! ARGH….it gets a little frustrating when you are as fickle minded as me. It comes to a point where I know I’d made a final decision but few months down the road…I have a change of heart and then I can’t decide If I’d prefer the first or the second choice.

So anyway here’s the reason for my rambling above…. I’m not sure if i’d mentioned before but I had sort of chosen the “IDEAL” bouquet for my engagement/wedding. Which consists of mostly blue hydrangea and a little touch of pink from peonies or eustomias.

My Ideal Bouquet. (Hmmm..now that I look at it again…it is made up of mostly pink eustomias instead of blue hydrangea. ….i think its blue to me..only becos of the blueish background….)

Rite…so anyway…since I had an ideal bouquet in mind…I have also negotiated to have a replica of this bouquet for my enagagement by Poppy Floral Studio. And I have to say…it is a bit too costly for me to afford…but I was persistent to make it work…so I asked P.F.S if they could do a smaller bouquet that will lower the price. I must say….PFS is very accomodating. 🙂

And since its so…I am quite happy that I was able to negotiate for a cheaper yet similar (but smaller) bouquet …(tho jus a tad cheaper). I put that thought aside….and believe that on my enagagement day I’ll be holding on to a replica of this pretty and enchanting bouquet of flowers…




Let’s Fast Forward

……to 1 week ago……




I was happily surfing through sites where I think I could purchase pretty pillbox birdcage fascinators for my wedding….not the exaggerated ones…but rather a simple yet classic piece….(minimalist is the way to go, don’t you agree?)….when I realise that I could actually DIY one on my own…which will be much better…so I went on and look for websites with tutorials on creating a pillbox hats…..lo and behold….I found a website that sells Fabric Flowers!! Oh my …from that moment on….my mind went crazy with ideas….first it was to put to the Felt flowers on my hat…later…it became having Felt flowers on my Hat plus a bouquet of Felt Flowers with Buttons to compliment the hat!!! Gosh….and it spiraled up and up…..

And I found a seller who held classes tht will teach you to create the hats with pretty coloured flowers and buttons….and besides hats, she customizes Felt bouquets for Brides-to-Be. And I must say…her creations are Fantabulous!!! Let me share with you the lady who creates and sells her Felt Bouquet… (They are SO DARN PRETTY!!!)  She is none other than ….Princess Laserton

Introducing …….

The Felt Flower Bouquet


You can go to the website to have a look at some of her work. And if u like em…you can order em from her…. they are so pretty!!! I feel like I would like to get one just like that, but in my colours of cos. 🙂 Needless to say, I do not have that much $$$ to play around with….So…I decided that instead of purchasing one….I’d try to create one for myself, and Jono suggested that I start with one stalk first to see if it’ll work before I embark on entire bouquet project.

Besides Felt Flowers…there are also other options…..in case you prefer something more sturdy and lasting……

A Brooch Bouquet

Really…its just as nice as a Felt Bouquet or a Live flower bouquet.

Brooch Bouquet not your thing?…..Fear not….there is also a Pretty yet Fun option…..

The Button Bouquet

Picture taken from an Etsy seller for Button and Fabric flower bouquets, you can go check out her store, Kotton Kandy Creations aka Kotton Kandy 52.

In fact I think that it is rather unique and extremely timeless….meaning you can keep this bouquet for as long as you live and you can reminisce that special day. Idea rite? The people who came up with these ideas (Felt flowers, Brooch, and Buttons bouquet) are Genius!!!


And it is in fact quite a trend among the European/Caucasian wedding. After surfing thru countless wedding sites and blog…I noticed that quite a lot of western couples uses bouquets like that…instead of Live Flowers…of cos Live Flowers are still popular and widely use…but this kind of handmade bouquets are becoming quite popular too, especially to those who love to be different and are not afraid to think out of the box. That’s why I love following them….they are so good with their ideas and crafts…I mean they practically DIY everything, from their clothes to their furnitures, to their homes and even their weddings. Simply Amazing. Us Asians aren’t that crafty… i feel.


Let’s hope that I’ll be able to put aside all my outdoor activities and make sure I stay at home to finish up my Guest Book as well as this new project that I am embarking in. Jono is rather skeptical that I’ll be able to get anything done let alone completing one project…. hehehe….. he worries that I am over-ambitious with every new project I wan to create…..and that I have too much thing to do and no time to do em all…. I don’t blame him… Indeed I have too much on my plate at the moment. Worry Not!! I always manage to finish what I start…when it comes to crafts and as long as I have a goal in mind. I will make it happen by hook or by crook!




So what do you think?  Will I be able to do it??

Do you think that I’ll manage to succeed in creating my own Felt Flower Bouquet? Or will I get suck in by my own LAZINESS and never- ending PROCRASTINATION, and end up buying a Live Flower Bouquet?

Stay tuned for the outcome!!

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