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Guess what!

We couldn’t wait for 24 hrs before peeling out the masking tape!! We were too eager to see the results of our hardworking. πŸ™‚

So after painting on the second coat and filling out all the edges, we stood back, took a good look at our hard work, and decided we could try to peel “JUST ONE” strip of masking tape off…to get a sneak peek of how it’ll look.

One strip came off ….
(remember to peel it off at an angle – read on one of the website that you shd peel it at an angle away from the freshly painted area, probably so that the paint won’t bleed to the unwanted area)

Then we thought, hey it’s pretty alrite and dry why not do the next dry one…

So the next one came off….

And the next…… And the next driest one….

Soon, all the strips came off within less than 2 hrs since we last painted on the second coat. :p couldn’t help being an eager beaver!

So here’s how the stripes look like after the peel.


Like it? Love it!!! It looks FANTABULOUS!!

After hours and hours over a span of 2 weeks. This is how much we’ve done to get our dream room. Not including the hours we spent packing up our junk!

1) Peeling the wall paper off from the ceiling;

2) Painstakingly remove the glue that the wallpaper leaves behind;

3) Piling on the plaster on all the cracks throughout the entire ceiling, also plastering all the gaps and cracks on the walls;

4) Layering coats over coats of base paint to cover up the plastered area, and to cover up the old paint so thatall the paint we later put on will cover nicely- this include all 4 walls and the ceiling;

5) Painting on the first coat of our colored paint, then comes the second coat;

7) Careful yet tediously cover up the corners and edges with the first coat and then second coat of paint.

8) Painting the ceiling (this is the most tiring of all, you can literally work up a sweat while doing only 1/4 of your ceiling, seriously!!!)

9) Measuring and marking the distance between each stripes, pasting the masking tape and making sure that it forms a straight and even line (jono did this, cos he’s better with numbers and is definitely more precise than me);

10) Painting over the marked spaces, one coat, then the second coat.

11) Cover up the edges;

12) Peeling off the tape one at a time and slowly (so that you don’t peel the paint away);

All these does not include, pasting tape on the bottom of the wall, and laying plastics on the floor to prevent spills and maneuvering around bulking furniture jus to get to a section of the wall or ceiling, getting our hands dirty and stained with dirt and paint, breaking a nail and having all my nail art ruined and covered by paint, and even missing 2 back to back episodes of Dog Whisperer.

After all the hard work and effort doing all the above mentioned, We are super exhausted, but really satisfied and elated at how well our hard work has turned out and paid off!

We are so glad that it’s almost over! And we are happy that we did it all!

Will we do it again? Hell ya! But not anytime soon…. Now.. we’re happy to jus laze around and enjoy staring at the wall while we wait for our wArdrobe and bed to arrive! And share the satisfaction and success of our very first DIY Project as a married couple! πŸ™‚

oh! And there’s one more thing… We threw the old curtains away… It wasn’t doing wat it’s meant to do anyway… So we got rid of it. Now we’ll need a new and nicer set of curtains or blinds. Not sure what’s better tho.

Blinds or Long Classy Curtains?

And what color will match our room, now with the colors in mind?? What colored curtains will make the room pop! and ooze a sense of comfort and grandeur?

Royal purple?




Cream? White?




Teal or turquoise???


What do you think?? Any ideas or suggestions?


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It’s Day 4!! Meaning it’s Thursday already!! Shucks! So fast… This also means that my holiday is coming to a quick end. And by this time next week I’ll be stuck at meetings and at work. Boo hoo!!

Gotta stop whining about it, cos it’ll spoil my mood! Alrite!!!

A promised I will share with you guys what is the color we used for our “feature” wall. And the color is….(drum roll)
Heather Beige!!!
(Again a nice colour from Jotun paint mixed into Nippons white paint base) it sort of looks grey, tho it’s more like ash brown. Really cool and cosy color. Ok! Enough talk, let me show u what it looks like.

TA DA!!!


Alrite.. I know this doesn’t look much, since it’s a picture of the wall half painted. Not even up with the second coat. Here’s a better pic…


……kiddin…….(macs to ease the tiring work)

I promise this will be better….



Nice color ain’t it!?

We love it!!!

Although, once the wardrobe is fixed in, that part of the wall will be halved, therefore leaving only a small section left to be seen. We are intending to place our bed there, giving focus to that area.

However, becos we love that colour so much and since it will only become a small portion, we have other plans…. at the current moment, I don’t think it’s gng to be a feature wall anymore. Keke. Becos we have decided to use whatever that’s left of the heather beige to paint stripes on the other side of the wall that was beginning to look alittle plain. πŸ™‚ In which case, it appears that the stripe wall will become the feature wall instead.

We looked up a couple of DIY websites to get ideas and techniques on how best to pAint stripes instead of use wall paper.

Here’s a few useful ones….


Would you like to see what we have done so far??



– taping the wall with masking tape to make sure that no paint will bleed thru and make an uneven line.


– and that’s putting on the color u wan over the portion where the color shd show. Be extra careful not to paint out of the masking tape. πŸ™‚

Yay! Here’s how it looks like after the first coat of heather beige paint.


We ran out of paint! Lol.. So jono’s gone to get more, and it leaves me with some time to blog this post.


Great! He’s back with the new can of paint plus dinner!! We’ll finish off the second coat, leave the stripes to dry for 24 hrs then we’ll peel off the tape to see if the stripes are alrite. But I suppose any mistakes will be too late to be repaired!

Will update on the outcome of the stripes!!


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Its Day 3 or 4 of our Room Revamping project.

I know I fast forwarded, but can’t be help, I couldn’t find anytime to squeeze in updates. Sorry!

However, I did take snap shots of our daily progress! πŸ™‚

Before I begin my update, let me share with you my excitement on the new furniture that’s coming in soon…


At the current moment, we are done with 2 sides of the wall, as our customize wardrobe by Amare La Casa, is coming in 3 days time!!! Yippee!! Really super excited for it to be installed as well as how it’ll fit into the new colors of the room. Actually I believe there isn’t much to worry abt, since we chose full length mirror for both sliding doors, to maximize the space as well as to make our room look bigger. And With the full length mirrored door we dun ve to worry any fixing up a separate mirror.

Besides being Able to choose the type of door we want, we are also able to choose waterer kind of shelving and hanging system we want. And all this for jus $1500! And it’s a made to measure wardrobe whereby all space are fully utilize for storage. How great is tht? πŸ™‚


Our bed on the other hand will only arrive on the 7th Jan unfortunately. We ordered a Lotus Mattress, with its outer shell made in egyptian cotton (one of the finest cotton ever- as told by ‘Pierce’ from Mattress Atrium). Besides the mattress being one of the highlights of this project, the bed post tht came along with it is also the other thing I am extremely excited to see. Becos we were able to customize the choice of material as well as colour of our bed post. And we made the Base of the bed much higher than the typical type jus so tht we could store large items (i.e. Luggage) into the queen size bed. Simply becos we have no other available floor space in the room, so if we can’t go side ways, we’ll have to go upwards! πŸ™‚

Here’s a picture of the color of cloth and material we chose for our bed post. Yes, not faux leather, suede, or PVC, and no crystals embedded into the paddings. I don’t like any of those. Well I had wanted wood for the bed post tho… But there wasn’t any… And Jono doesn’t like wood frames, so we chose this material. Hopefully it turns out alrite. We wanted something cosy, simple yet classy I suppose.


It’s the one that looks gold.

Did mention that I am so so excited and I really can’t wait for the bed to arrive?!
Oh and we even bot 3 sets of bed linen for it! But that’s another post for another day!

Oh yes! I’m suppose to update about the progress of the room so far. Here it is….

Prepping the wall for base coat and paint to go on.


– plastering the cracks and holes in the wall.


– done with plastering, begin layering the base coat to cover up the plaster as well as cover up the old paint work. Yay! Off with the old and ugly color, IN with the new and classy color.


– done with the 2nd layer of base coat, and on goes the main color, in this case its “morning dew”. Its hard to judge from this pic, cos if you look at it in person it has a tinch of green in the cream. Btw the palette we chose for our room were selected from the Jotun paint range, eventho Nippon base is used and mixed in to create a Nippon Paint with Jotun color. Reason being: we were unable to find any nice colors from the Nippon range. So the uncle was very kind to do a special mix for us, and also becos I was sulking like crazy, since I didn’ mind using Jotun instead of Nippon.


– plastered and painting base coat to the ceiling.

Alrite! So thats the update for now… Stay tuned to find out wat color our feature wall is gng to be!!! πŸ™‚

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Long break from writing and everything else.

Schools out! And I’m having a break from work! Yay!

I was planning to get a couple of things done this holiday, like coming up with a brand name and a website or a blog for my little craft business; like working on improving my designing skills and expanding my creativity. And the progress so far? …… None. Zilch. Zero. Sighz….

Why? Procrastinating? A little. Here’s why….

Because there are quite a couple of other things to be done, and thats cleaning up and revamping the room that Jono and I are living in now. Besides that, I am also busy with scheduling the viewing of Β hotels suitable for the traditional wedding in 2013. And these things don’t take one day to complete, especially not with Jono being back on his shift hours.

Its taking alot longer than I expected clearing the room. We have not even started plastering the cracks and holes on the wall let alone painting the walls and having it ready for the new bed and wardrobe to come in.

With regards to the wedding venue,Β its not like I’m being “kiasu” about booking the venue in advance, but people out there have already begun booking their hotels for March 2013. So if we want to have it at around March or the date we want, then we got to pull a fast one!

At the moment, the room is being reshuffled and everything is in boxes, there is no way I can get any craft done nor do I have the time to sit down and be creative. And its really making me feel like I am wasting my holiday away. Bet you can sense my frustration here. Sighz…and before you know it, its time to go back to work. Work week is like one week away 27th Dec. 😦 So not looking forward to it.





I was actually planning to write this post about the process of cleaning up the room and was going to track the transformation bit by bit. But it turns out that I have sidetracked (complaining).

Alrite! So here goes. Another DIY project.

This is the room before any work is done.

And here’s after a little work is done …only this much after 1 week.
We were peeling the existing wallpaper off the ceiling, so we had to cover the entire room up with plastic so that we won’t get any dust on the bed.
And the work continues….will continue updating on our progress! Keep a lookout!

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