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I’m determine to make this engagement as personalise as possible!!!

Guess what…

I manage to squeeze some time in over the weekend to work on the felt flowers and my guest book amidst my super duper busy schedule. Of cos, by doing so.. I kinda neglected the work assignments tht I’m suppose to submit this week for my visual comm class 😦

So here’s what I’ve been up to…. Started with my guests book and then later my felt flower trial version to see if its do-able without any formal explanation or training from the guru.

The Guests’ Book



Another page from the book… Yes! These will be some of the many decorated pages that you will be signing and leaving your mark (well wishes and blessings) on. And for those of you who prefers to sign on a less complicated or flowery page, I have decided to leave a couple of pages empty for you to have your “Moment of Glory” 🙂


Here’s another ‘fun’ inspired page… Pictures were taken out of fun while waiting for our lunch.

20110823-112508.jpg Don’t you just love the colours on this one (oh I wish the desk was better lit, so that the pictures are brighter).

I guess I could have done more…but I tend to be abit lazy at some point..and then I would try to cut down on the steps to create a more awe-worthy piece. Anyhoo…i jus love the cute trinkets of cupcakes, biscuits and ice creams I got from Daiso. They match this theme and colour so well! In fact I was actually planning to use these as add-ons for a handphone cover design….but I just couldn’t resist putting them on this page. hehehe….

Felt Flower – Trial version

20110825-012316.jpgHere’s a ball of ruffled flower….I have no idea what it is call…but this is rather easy to make….and great for my first attempt. 

Then I thought since I tried the easier ones…why not I try re-creating the ones I saw on Princess Lasertron’s website….of cos…she is the guru…and only hers will ever be the good enough and awe-worthy. But no matter what….I was still quite excited to give it a shot and see what my outcome will be.


And so….I cut out two pieces of felt from the template I free handedly drew….and then I used embroidery threads to sew on some decorative stitches…….on and on I sewed….I must add that this is a very tedious and tiring pcs of work…and I kudos Princess Lasertron for making this a business of hers….It is one hack of a hard work!!! I dunno how she do it man!!…because it took me 2 nights to finish sewing just piece of this…and its not complete when its done…cos this is only the base of what is more to come after.

I sewed…..and I sewed…..

first night and then the second night…….





20110825-012349.jpg        PERFECT!!! (to me of cos…the amateur) Just so pretty!! 

Now that I am done with just the bottom -.-“, why not I try re-creating the fillers I saw online. If only I could create those ones…. (I wasn’t very confident and sure if I could do it).






I did it!!! I manage to do something that looks abit like the fillers….tho not exactly like the REAL Princess Lasertron….cos mine has uneven number of petals….I accidentally sewed on 11 petals…I dunno why. So my flower looks rather uneven. And since it was my first attempt, the bottom part of the flower did hold to well, so the button and wire seem rather lose and flimsy…gotta work on making it firmer.

And I was feeling rather confident at that point….thinking since I could do the one above…I could do ANYTHING….muahahahah!  (the doctor evil laugh). Thats when, I eagerly took out my needle and embroidery thread and started sewing and sewing…..




and Yes! I created my very own felt flower with decorated stitches, jus like Princess Lasertrons….. one can only imagine how happy and excited I was!


At that point I wish I could do a short internship with her and learn what ever I can from her and improve on my creativity. Its crazy….yes i know…especially the fact that I am no where near the U.S.  … jus a dream…never fear to dream big…. 🙂

Who made it happen?

Alright…enough of what I have achieve and all….. I shall not fail to mention how loving and patient and helpful Jono has been throughout this who experiment. He has actually given up his throne and offered to clear up his “Personal Space Zone” to allow me to shift my Mini Factory over.


So sweet of him to do so….. because I was seriously getting bad backaches from working on the TV bench by the bed….

We spent the weekend, clearing up the room and packing my factory supplies into boxes so that I could stack them up near the desk and reach for my supplies as and when I need em.


Our Mini Factory (as he calls it)…hahaha….well, I couldn’t have done any of this without him and his full support. It makes me realise how lucky I am that I am about to marry such a sweet and loving guy!

And I love him so much more.

Approximately 2 more months…and I’ll be officially Mrs Yuen! Oh My! Who would have thought I’d be married at 29 and to Mr Yuen. What a lovely surprise to life :).

A New Title.

and A New Last Name.

Plus a New Term for Jono….he will not be my Boyfriend anymore…he will be my Husband!!! hahahahaha……(still coming to terms with it).

And I’m Super Duper Excited to be his Wife!


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Jus went for our food tasting at Seb’s yesterday evening. Invited Ray and Janelle to join us for the evening.

Clarice was as usual very efficient and thotful with us. She advised us to take down notes for every dish tht we tried so tht we can infrm them of any changes we would like as well as anything we dun like abt the dish, and she’ll try her best to see if the chef can adjust the dish. 🙂

It’s my first time doing food tasting and I must say the whole experience was great! We were definitely treated like royalty or even like those food critics u watch on television, critiquing every dish being served. Oh, and the fact that we got to fill our tummy with so much food made it all worthwhile.

Let me share with u what we will be having for the actual evening.

1) Quiche Lorraine garnished with Alfalfa.


Comments on this dish:

Rina: not enough filling, thus crust is abit too much, however the crust is very tasty.
Jono: not enough filling. Not much taste.
Ray: loves the crust.
Janelle: filling was to the brim, and crust is good, tho she couldn’t taste wat is inside the filling.

Verdict: We shared our concerns with Clarice and she made notes about our request for the filling to be tasty and filled to the brim. 🙂

2) Nicoise Salad


Comments on this dish:

We: Its unanimous!!! We love it! Love that there’s quite an assortment of vege in it. And that every mouthful is well mixed with tuna. And it’s tasty!!

3) Country Style Pate.


Comment on this dish:

We: Love the condiments that came along with it. The pate was actually not bad,not the soft mushy type, this one has something to chew on. And guess wat, we didn’t realize that the pate was wrapped in ham until we were about to finish the pate. The entire thing was Edible rite from start to finish! Oh yes, the condiments came with a mini pot of pickled shallot and mini pickles that were crunchy, sweet and not sour! Yummy!! And the other pot of condiment was shredded duck meat, so light and tender u can spread it on the lightly toasted bread that came along.

3) Raw seabass garnished with Alfalfa.


Comments on this dish:

Rina: love this dish very much!! Love tht it’s raw and so fresh. Love the texture of the fish. Didn’t bother much abt the alfalfa. (p.s. it’s almost like the type of raw fish you’d have with a bowl of congee, the kind where Chinese will top with spring onion, lettuce, chopped chilli and squeeze lime over. Mmmmm….feeling like a bowl of pork congee paired with sheng yu and you tiao)
Jono: don’t really like the alfalfa, finds that it over powers the fish. Doesn’t really find the taste and texture of the fish appealing. Believes that if this dish was left out too long during the buffet it will taste bad. Prefers smoke salmon.
Janelle: Thinks that although unique and interesting, this dish won’t be very popular among the guests as it is an uncommon dish to serve. It might be unpopular due to it’s fishy taste. Smoked salmon will be more popular.
Ray: finds the alfalfa’s raw vege taste too overpowering. Told him to eat the fish without the alfalfa. He too finds the dish rather odd and will be unpopular with most people. Smoked salmon will be better.

Verdict: Majority agreed that smoked salmon will be a better choice in terms of popularity and guests cleaning out the buffet trays. So we changed the dish to smoked salmon.

4) Duck Shepperd pie


Comments on this dish:

We: Enjoyed this dish very much. Becos it is different from the typical beef Shepherd’s pie. The mashed potato was so light… It literally disappears the moment u put it in ur mouth.. And the duck meat atthe bottom of the pie totally compliment the light potato mash. it’s a very light dish altogether, unlike a minced beef shepherd pie. Only one minor issue: there wasn’t enough cheese on top! Lol.

5) Seabass dressed with lobster bisque

( it was meant to be snapper, but Clarice said tht the kitchen ran out of snapper that evening)

Sorry! No pictures for this one. We forgot to take pictures. :p

Comments on this dish:

I will speak for everyone here, I think we like this dish, cos it’s pan seared fish. Especially tht the fish was so fresh, and it was seared to perfection with the skin lightly browned and crisp. There wasn’t any negative comments about it, thats for sure. Although I do think that if it was snapper, it’ll be more perfect, since the meat of snappers are generally much smoother n flaky in terms of texture than a Seabass. So we told Clarice that we’ll stick with snapper on our actual day.

6) French beans


Comments on this dish:

We were pleasantly surprise by the size of these beans! It’s not your typical thick and tough and raw tasting French beans… It’s actually thin and soft to the bite, and no raw vege taste. And they either stir fried it with garlic (which is quite unlikely considering tht this is a French restaurant rather than a Chinese one) or they jus lightly boiled the beans and later toss it with butter and garlic. Either way, it’s equally tantalizing.

7) Chicken Blanquette with rice


(Picture is getting darker and darker as It was getting later and the bistro is not meant to be very well lit.)

Comments on this dish:

We: at first sight, you’d think this is like Lor Mai Kai (glutinous rice with chicken), or even a western version of our Local fav. Hainanese chicken rice. Ok, So it is chicken rice, But the rice is definitely not glutinous(I hate glutinous stuff). Anyway it is one hell of a French Chicken rice, Becos it’s superb!!! It’s new to all of us, needless to say we loved it! First of all, the rice is soaked in a light cream sauce with white wine, and the texture of the rice was soft yet grainy, it blended well with the sauce. And the chicken… Oh! The soft and tender chicken literally dissolved once it reaches your tongue. Wow! Perfection! We think this is gng to be a hot fav. Among the guest on the actual evening. What do u think?

Verdict: needless to say… Its unanimous too, we have to love it. And I think it’s our fav. Dish for tht evening.


8. Beef bourguignon with mashes potato.

Sorry, no pics for this one either.

(We were quite distracted by then as Clarice came over to discuss abt the seating arrangements, menu, as well as other miscellaneous issues.)

Comment on this dish:
By this time, we were all very filled! There was much room in our tummy for more or even any sense of appreciation for the taste.
But I made sure I ate my fill of the “Complimentary food tasting”, so here’s my comment. Needless to say, the mash is light and fluffy. But the real highlight was The beef. It was so tender! U can peel every strand of meat apart by simply brushing your fork over. And the sauce was really appetizing, imagine that I was pretty stuffed by then, yet I manage to clean out the beef. (beef only, not the mash) 🙂




Last, but not least….




9) Penna pasta with tomato confit

Sorry again, no picture. 🙂

This is a simple and ordinary yet appealing dish. Not like it’s ordinary-not nice, but ordinary restaurant standard. 🙂 the penne was definitely al dente and the sauce was made of real tomato with a bright and cheerful red to it, topped with basil leaves, this dish was definitely pleasant to the eye as well as your appetite. As you pick up the pasta, you’ll find a whole or at least halves of big tomatoes within the dish itself. Still yummy to me.. Eventho I was super full by now, I doubt that the rest had more than 2 pcs of penne after the beef bourguignon. Nevertheless, they like it too, and they think that it’s a good dish to have in the buffet as it is very easy on the taste bud and will suit even the pickiest eater. I hope so…..




Finally…. For all u sweets and dessert lovers!!




10) Creme brûlée, apple tart and choc eclair

(.… Surprisingly amidst all the discussion, we managed to get pictures of this one. Lol. Oh I think it was Becos the choc eclair was red on the top. :))


Because I’m not a sweet tooth. I shall leave it to the rest to comment on the dessert, tho I did try the Creme brûlée, and I must say… It’s my first one… And it was rather nice.
And I love how the chef made the top of the eclair a striking red in colour… So clever and chic… Makes it look so appealing and unique. So much so that I couldn’t resist giving it a try as well, and I was glad I did, cos the choc was not the overly sweet yet tasteless kind, instead it had a slight bitter cocoa taste. Love it… (if only all desserts were like tht)…

Comment on the desserts:
Janelle: likes the apple tart, she said that it’s very nice.
Ray: likes the Creme brûlée, and most likely the chic eclair too (he’s quite a chocaholic kinda guy)
Jono: I think it’s him who said that the top of the Creme brûlée was really nice Becos the sugar top was light and crunchy and jus the right amount of sweet. And he likes the apple tart too(we’ll take his word for it, cos he’s not an apple-anything kinda person, except for apple pie from Mcdonald’s :p so one can imagine, how great it must be for him to actually appreciate it’s taste).


All 10 dishes!! For the price of $87 or $89++ per pax…(can’t remember)… With 8 bottles of wine for 8 tables, basic floral deco for all the tables including the buffet spread and wedding cake table, free flow of coffee, tea and soft drinks and usage of 2 wireless mics/sound system, signages for your guests, and lastly and most importantly an approachable and dedicated event co-ordinator to make sure tht everything runs smoothly and according to plan on that important day of urs. I say it’s rather reasonable, don’t you think?

Overall, Eventho I dun get a lush garden greenery of my dream as I walk down the so-called “aisle”. I am ultimately very happy with the food, ambience and most importantly the service of this place. And as It draws closer to my actual day, I’m beginning to appreciate the fact that we had gone with our gut feel and chose to hold such an important date at Seb’s. Becos we know that like us, our guests will feel comfortable and relax and enjoy the cosy atmosphere and surroundings of the bistro throughout the evening. 🙂

Here’s the layout of the seating arrangement for the evening.


We changed the placement of the solemnisation table as well as the buffet table. Not sure if it’ll work tho… But we can give it a shot and imagine how it will look like.

Fingers cross that it will rain for a few days before the 30 oct and maybe in the early morning of that day, so that it will keep the place cool throughout the evening. :p

Let’s hope for the best!!

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Above picture was taken from Ruffled.

Putting the whole look together is proving to be quite an uphill challenge for me man…. Not becos its difficult to find the things I like…or issit about the cost…but more because I simply WANT EVERYTHING!!! ARGH….it gets a little frustrating when you are as fickle minded as me. It comes to a point where I know I’d made a final decision but few months down the road…I have a change of heart and then I can’t decide If I’d prefer the first or the second choice.

So anyway here’s the reason for my rambling above…. I’m not sure if i’d mentioned before but I had sort of chosen the “IDEAL” bouquet for my engagement/wedding. Which consists of mostly blue hydrangea and a little touch of pink from peonies or eustomias.

My Ideal Bouquet. (Hmmm..now that I look at it again…it is made up of mostly pink eustomias instead of blue hydrangea. ….i think its blue to me..only becos of the blueish background….)

Rite…so anyway…since I had an ideal bouquet in mind…I have also negotiated to have a replica of this bouquet for my enagagement by Poppy Floral Studio. And I have to say…it is a bit too costly for me to afford…but I was persistent to make it work…so I asked P.F.S if they could do a smaller bouquet that will lower the price. I must say….PFS is very accomodating. 🙂

And since its so…I am quite happy that I was able to negotiate for a cheaper yet similar (but smaller) bouquet …(tho jus a tad cheaper). I put that thought aside….and believe that on my enagagement day I’ll be holding on to a replica of this pretty and enchanting bouquet of flowers…




Let’s Fast Forward

……to 1 week ago……




I was happily surfing through sites where I think I could purchase pretty pillbox birdcage fascinators for my wedding….not the exaggerated ones…but rather a simple yet classic piece….(minimalist is the way to go, don’t you agree?)….when I realise that I could actually DIY one on my own…which will be much better…so I went on and look for websites with tutorials on creating a pillbox hats…..lo and behold….I found a website that sells Fabric Flowers!! Oh my …from that moment on….my mind went crazy with ideas….first it was to put to the Felt flowers on my hat…later…it became having Felt flowers on my Hat plus a bouquet of Felt Flowers with Buttons to compliment the hat!!! Gosh….and it spiraled up and up…..

And I found a seller who held classes tht will teach you to create the hats with pretty coloured flowers and buttons….and besides hats, she customizes Felt bouquets for Brides-to-Be. And I must say…her creations are Fantabulous!!! Let me share with you the lady who creates and sells her Felt Bouquet… (They are SO DARN PRETTY!!!)  She is none other than ….Princess Laserton

Introducing …….

The Felt Flower Bouquet


You can go to the website to have a look at some of her work. And if u like em…you can order em from her…. they are so pretty!!! I feel like I would like to get one just like that, but in my colours of cos. 🙂 Needless to say, I do not have that much $$$ to play around with….So…I decided that instead of purchasing one….I’d try to create one for myself, and Jono suggested that I start with one stalk first to see if it’ll work before I embark on entire bouquet project.

Besides Felt Flowers…there are also other options…..in case you prefer something more sturdy and lasting……

A Brooch Bouquet

Really…its just as nice as a Felt Bouquet or a Live flower bouquet.

Brooch Bouquet not your thing?…..Fear not….there is also a Pretty yet Fun option…..

The Button Bouquet

Picture taken from an Etsy seller for Button and Fabric flower bouquets, you can go check out her store, Kotton Kandy Creations aka Kotton Kandy 52.

In fact I think that it is rather unique and extremely timeless….meaning you can keep this bouquet for as long as you live and you can reminisce that special day. Idea rite? The people who came up with these ideas (Felt flowers, Brooch, and Buttons bouquet) are Genius!!!


And it is in fact quite a trend among the European/Caucasian wedding. After surfing thru countless wedding sites and blog…I noticed that quite a lot of western couples uses bouquets like that…instead of Live Flowers…of cos Live Flowers are still popular and widely use…but this kind of handmade bouquets are becoming quite popular too, especially to those who love to be different and are not afraid to think out of the box. That’s why I love following them….they are so good with their ideas and crafts…I mean they practically DIY everything, from their clothes to their furnitures, to their homes and even their weddings. Simply Amazing. Us Asians aren’t that crafty… i feel.


Let’s hope that I’ll be able to put aside all my outdoor activities and make sure I stay at home to finish up my Guest Book as well as this new project that I am embarking in. Jono is rather skeptical that I’ll be able to get anything done let alone completing one project…. hehehe….. he worries that I am over-ambitious with every new project I wan to create…..and that I have too much thing to do and no time to do em all…. I don’t blame him… Indeed I have too much on my plate at the moment. Worry Not!! I always manage to finish what I start…when it comes to crafts and as long as I have a goal in mind. I will make it happen by hook or by crook!




So what do you think?  Will I be able to do it??

Do you think that I’ll manage to succeed in creating my own Felt Flower Bouquet? Or will I get suck in by my own LAZINESS and never- ending PROCRASTINATION, and end up buying a Live Flower Bouquet?

Stay tuned for the outcome!!

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