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Here’s a list of some of the Wedding Photojournalists out in the market. These are the few that I think are good and really able to capture the essence of the couples love for one another. (Note: that they are not in order of preferences)

1. Nathan Wu

2. One Eye Click

3. Moomedia

4. Absolut Resolution

5. Eyedeas

6. TinyDot

7. The Peeping Thom

8. PicsCanFly

9. D’zign for You

Guess who we chose in the end for my Solemnisation , and possibly pre-wedding and actual wedding. I’m so excited man! I can’t wait for our solemnisation pictures to be taken and our pre-wed man.

Couldn’t decide at first…becos of budget…but my heart has already decided on one ever since I seen the work.

We chose Nathan Wu!!! yeay! He is not part of the wedding photojournalist network or the guild and etc…..he is really independent on his own. But he is damn good and really has a good eye with regards to the composition of the picture and the angles he take is also very good. The best of his work is very vibrant and strong colours he is able to capture. Really I feel that its worth every dime as compared to paying for in-house photographers from the bridal studios that are typically what most people will go for. I just don’t like studio shots and the generic “high fashion” shots that is usually taken.

Do let me know if you have some other photographers which are good, I wouldn’t mind having a look too. 🙂


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